Increasingly throughout Portland we are all seeing more and more longterm camping sites including permanent structures. Their proximity is close to the studio and their impact is felt in every quadrant of the city. As business leaders, we’re dedicated to helping Portland find new footing in this area to allow businesses to flourish and citizens to feel safe. Included in this post are some of the resources we’ve learned about and ways you can help lend your voice to finding solutions and better ways forward.

In addition to conversations with local officials including Mingus Mapps’ office, Jeremy files a new report each week on this site. Each report triggers a visit from a social worker to assess the site, provide / recommend services as appropriate and help facilitate garbage clean up in the area.

There are plans in place to create three permanent housing sites in different areas of the city (with four more scheduled in the near future). The more awareness there is for Slabtown and NW Portland in general, the greater the likelihood of receiving a site that provides critical support to the homeless individuals in this neighborhood.

Contact Mingus Mapps office here.

Additionally, our building owner and property management team has been working city-wide to voice our concerns to elected officials and anyone and everyone that will listen. There is a campaign going on called People For Portland that is essentially saying enough is enough. When you sign up it will generate an email to elected officials. Here is the info:

Oregonian Op Ed

Here’s a link where you can add your name to the list of supporters and submit a letter to elected officials asking for better management of longterm camping and other safety issues in Portland.

Thank you, village, for helping to return our collective village to the Portland we’ve known and loved.

In health,
Lee and Jeremy

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