Early in August I got a call from two old friends and clients. They had both realized a dream and qualified for World Championships in Olympic Distance Triathlon in London, and were offering to bring me along for the ride. An amazing part of my job and a gift I will never quite understand – I am forever humbled by how well people look after me.

Short story, London was amazing. A solo walking tour of the city started the morning I arrived. While I am decent shape, I am apparently not able to handle the rigors of walking through centuries of history. I was sore for five days after my 10-hour journey along The Thames! I also spent time seeing an English Premier League game, pub crawling, eating amazing ethnic cuisines and visiting with friends and the good people of the UK. I absolutely fell in love with London and I am already planning on a visit back with my family someday …

The race came on the third and final day of my trip. The boys absolutely crushed it! Don Geddes finished 26th in the world in his age-group in a field that continues to get faster and faster. Don absolutely dialed into our expectations. Lindley Morton, turned in a Top-10 finish, coming in 7th in the 65-69 year old age-group. He was 75 seconds in the lead coming out the water (he’s a super swimmer) and it was amazing watching both the boys turn in great performances, not only for themselves but for the USA. Seeing everyone race in their team kits (including the first Iranian woman ever to race nationals) was awesome.

Short story long, London quickly became one of my favorite cities in the world. An absolutely amazing balance of cultures, old and new architecture, super clean and very fun. I am so thankful for this amazing opportunity to watch two guys who got their start in the sport 12 years ago in my spin class race World Championships!