The support we’ve received from members and trainers since last Friday is overwhelming. We are hard at work advocating for personal training to be considered DIFFERENTLY than big box gyms and large recreational facilities when reopening is evaluated. If you feel strongly and would like to lend your voice and support to our community and cause, information on how best to do so is contained in this message.

Steps to advocate

1) Contact Governor Kate Brown via:
Raihana Ansary, Metro Region Coordinator​

2) Contact the state legislators who represent the studio.

Senator Elizabeth Steiner Hayward
Phone: 503-986-1717

Representative Maxine Dexter
Phone: 503-986-1433

Suzanne Bonamici
Phone: 503-469-6010

Our primary request is to be considered along side personal services and NOT big box gyms. We feel we provide an environment that is at least as safe a salon that requires physical contact.

Optional messaging for your use:

I am a member of Hyatt Training in NW Portland and purchase private personal training services. I am writing to ask you to consider classifying re-opening guidelines for personal training DIFFERENTLY than big box gyms. It more closely aligns with personal services and, in fact, can be done without any physical contact.

Hyatt Training provides one-on-one training sessions with experienced and credentialed professionals. They do not provide in-person group classes of any kind. They have organized their facility into dedicated workout areas where each piece of equipment is sanitized between each use. They have implemented serious and well researched protocols within their facility using the best practices in public health.

These steps include: physical distancing with both trainer and client masked, dedicated, pre-reserved workout areas, the use of COVID-19 approved sanitation between clients, eliminating the use of equipment that cannot be adequately sanitized. Last month they purchased 4 HEPA air filtration systems in addition to the MERV 13 filters our building uses in their HVAC system. They have had zero COVID cases reported since their reopening on June 22.

Hyatt Training is far from a typical gym, but this is the group they have been placed in with the current round of closures. In fact, personal training lends itself to physical distancing far better than other businesses in the personal service area (e.g. barber, hair stylist, nail salons which are currently allowed to be open) and provides essential expertise and health benefits to the greater community (and me as a member!) through scientifically proven immune boosting, physical health and stress reduction.

They only have 3 clients working with 3 trainers doing sessions at a time inside 4500 square feet.

I realize there are likely decision makers that have no idea that a facility like Hyatt Training exists let alone the great extent to which they have gone to regarding safety for members and trainers.

Properly designed physical exercise is one of the very best things you can do to boost your immune system, stay healthy and manage stress. This is particularly important when dealing with COVID-19. People need to be able to do things that keep them healthy. Personal training is a huge part of that for members of Hyatt Training like me!

While personal training CAN be done virtually, it’s not the same. Hyatt Training provides a high end service and I want to receive this service in a clean physical space filled with equipment. Hyatt Training pays meticulous attention to detail and protocols. They should not be grouped with big box gyms. I do not see how someone could get a haircut but not partake in a training session where no physical contact typically takes place.

We know these are challenging times with much uncertainty. Personal training can be part of the solution to support safe operating procedures for businesses that achieve the delicate balance of the science of public health and the need for the economy to recover. Please re-classify personal training as a personal service for COVID operating guidelines.

Regardless of your decision, thank you for your leadership and dedication to reducing the spread of this deadly virus. I appreciate your consideration in making the distinction for services that I believe can follow physical distancing and sanitation protocols that reduce the spread.

Thank you for ALL your support of Hyatt Training and the #DreamTeam of super pros who call the studio home!

In health,
Jeremy and Lee

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