I bounce back and forth between books and podcasts when I drive. I’ve previously talked about the Libby app and how it helped me devour more books than I ever have in a single year. But after a while, the books began to overlap. So I’ve switched back to podcasts for the most part, and am enjoying listening to amazing people tell amazing stories.

This week, I wanted to share an interview from The Tim Ferriss Show and his interview with Hugh Jackman. The episode originally went live in July of 2020, but was shared again this past March. In the interview, Hugh Jackman discusses his morning routine, trusting his intuition, his meditation practice, exercises he loves, the “85% rule” and more. It’s a great episode, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Lee and I both took away key elements that have improved our focus, intention and productivity. Who isn’t looking for more of that? We hope it inspires you too.

Visit the episode page here. Or grab it on Spotify here.

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