Two years ago we launched our hallmark giving program with Albertina Kerr. For each new client to Hyatt Training, we donate to support yoga and recreation activities for Albertina Kerr’s Crisis Psychiatric program. We love being able to support yoga classes for kids staying at Kerr.

Sometimes, being involved makes all the difference. Upon sending a note to a new client at the studio about our donation on their behalf, the wheels started turning in his brain how he could also support Albertina Kerr. This story is one shared by Albertina Kerr with all of their supporters, and we’re glad that we could be part of the catalyst to make this connection.

“Have you ever felt like something was fate? Karma? Kismet?? That’s exactly what happened when Lou Novobilski was introduced to the work of Albertina Kerr. His journey began when he joined Hyatt Training, a Kerr supporter. The owners, Jeremy Hyatt and Lee Carson, make donations to Albertina Kerr on behalf of new members when they join. When Lou received a letter from Jeremy and Lee notifying him of the donation, he wanted to learn more about the organization. Lou believes in the concept of a “power greater than ourselves”, so he took the step to become a volunteer. “I chose Kerr because of the work they do….it touched my heart. I always have given back,” said Lou.

He reached out to Chris Wiens, Manager of Foundation and Donor Relations, and offered to provide a one-of-a-kind experience for a special group of individuals, the Venture Scout Troop #247. This amazing troop of young adults are made up of Kerr clients who are deeply involved in the Hillsboro community. Working with, Greenbrier Companies, another Kerr supporter that awards scholarships for nonprofits serving individuals with special needs. Lou made the connection with the scholarship to be used by Kerr and those we serve. Lou and Chris worked together with Bernie Wilson, Director of Kerr’s Children’s Group Homes, and arranged for the troop to build their own boat with Rivers West, a nonprofit boating organization that provides rental space and a wood shop for maritime enthusiasts.

Lou gave the troop a crash course in boat terminology and the building process. A few days later the Venture Scouts and Lou, built a boat from scratch with experts from Rivers West. SUCCESS!! Troop members took turns on the water, brought the boat back to one of the group homes and painted it. Now the Venture Scouts can add “boat builder” to their resumes, thanks to Lou. Thank you Lou, Rivers West, Greenbrier Companies, Hyatt training, and everyone who made this experience a positive one!”

About Alberina Kerr

Since 1907, Albertina Kerr has strengthened Oregon families and communities. Today, they provide programs and services to children and adults with developmental disabilities and mental health challenges, empowering them to live richer lives. Learn more about Albertina Kerr.

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