One of our favorite parts of being small business owners is that Hyatt Strength + Wellness really is an extension of our lives, not just a job. Because it’s part of our DNA we get the chance to extend our personal values to our business. For us, this brings an intersection of heart, responsibility and compassion for those (that’s YOU) who fill our days.

The hopes and dreams we have for Max, Gigi and our little family of four are the same hopes and dreams we have for each and every person at the studio. Here’s what they are…

1) Connection. Human connection is in everyone’s DNA. We are drawn to other people and crave the support we find in our relationships. Each day we ask how we can invest in ways to stay connected to each other.

2) Health. Do you know what we say to Max and Gigi? Wash your hands. Eat good food. Go to sleep. We give them opportunities to play hard and be active each day. Being healthy as adults CAN be more complicated (but it doesn’t have to be). And we believe individually designed strength and conditioning is the corner stone to good health. But clean hands, good food, sleep and daily sweat are a good place to start.

3) Passion. We hope that you go out into the world each day and do something you are passionate about. We believe that a strong body helps to cultivate a strong, creative mind. We hope you get to use yours to do something that lights you on fire.

Thank you for being part of the Hyatt Strength + Wellness community.

Wishing all the best,
Lee and Jeremy

Hyatt Training newsletter signupHyatt Strength + Wellness is owned and operated by husband-wife team Jeremy Hyatt and Lee Carson. They bring 30+ years of professional experience to Hyatt and are dedicated to creating the best Portland personal training gym for members and trainers alike.

Jeremy and Lee believe whole-heartedly that one-on-one personal training is the best way to get the most out of your workout time, build lean muscle and optimize your health for the long run. Learn more about them, or get in touch by emailing