We’re all cooking at home A LOT right now. While I have some tried and true favorites that work well with infrequent grocery store trips, I was craving the need to branch out a bit as fall settled in. Check out some of our new favorites this season – I love sharing here in case they inspire you too!

Sheet pan dinners for the win!

The kids and I are definitely house-bound right now, but our days fly by. I do tend to make double batches of these already easy sheet pan dinners simply so I can just re-heat it all the next night. Here are some of our recent favs and finds.

More easy dinner favorites (leftovers a plus!)

Snacks, glorious snacks

Inspiration is key

With all the home cooking happening, inspiration is key! Here are a few of my favs to follow on Instagram: Half Baked Harvest, Minimalist Baker, Paleo Running Mama, Real Food Dietitians, Custom Fit San Fransisco

In health,

PS. My Friday Community Connections yoga class has a following of people who’ve known yoga is “good” for them but struggled to make it part of their routines in the past. If this sounds like you, I’d love for you to give my class a try. I believe our body is a tool to help us feel our best and my classes center around that theme each and every week.

Author Lee Carson is a writer, health advocate, principal and co-founder at Hyatt Training. She believes in a minimally processed whole-foods approach to nutrition, and loves sharing ways to use food and movement as catalysts and tools for optimal health. Learn more about Lee, or get in touch with her by emailing us at Go@HyattTraining.com.

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