The statistics are staggering. Most people who make a resolution don’t keep it.

A majority of people who join a gym never go back. Not some people, MOST people. Not a minority, a MAJORITY never go back.

At Hyatt Training, we’re doing everything we can to make fitness a habit for you by offering the structure and consistency needed to be successful and motivated every day, every week all year long.

The Hour of Power Challenge was set with this in mind: Get the year started right, not with a one-week commitment but a 3-month commitment!

We feel if you can set a goal that lasts through March, that chances are you’ll keep it up in April.

We also know that repetition can breed mastery, and the Hour of Power Challenge is loosely based on the 10,000 repetition notion – that doing something over and over for 10,000 reps will help you develop a mastery that will be long lasting and complete. This week’s workout totals some 1090 reps in the exercises, carry that over 10 weeks and there’s your 10,000. Although that is obviously not 10,000 reps of the same activity (the theory in the purist sense) I’ll take the 10,000 reps and be pretty happy! And fit.

Great job to everyone who has taken on the challenge! #HOPx10