We believe strongly that you should do something hard every week. Really hard. Something that challenges you and makes you consider quitting. Something that leaves you resting with your hands on your knees. From that belief the Hour of Power was born.

We’ve just completed handing out t-shirt after t-shirt and it’s a great time to reflect on the roots of the workout and the challenge itself. It started as simple structure and a nudge to go beyond what you would do normally. But the #HOPx10 has become a social event and a huge reason to be proud of yourself, bragging rights included.

Many people started for the stickers (it’s amazing how motivating they are!) and have continued well past the contest because of the results. Many have started not thinking they could complete the challenge and have continued because they can’t imagine a week without it. And many have supported one another through set after set, and it’s just become a part of the fabric of the studio. We are so proud of so many who have tried it, completed it, and crushed it!

And now, as the science and benefits of interval training for everyone continues to pile up we are expecting even more of our members to be making the Hour of Power a regular part of their routine. See you next week!

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While we take what we do very seriously, we refuse to take ourselves too seriously. Having fun along the way is important to us. We promise our clients they’ve never had so much fun working so hard! To learn more about our personal trainers, or to set up a free consultation to see how they could help you, email us at Go@HyattTraining.com.