The annual #HOPX10 Hour of Power challenge is a mainstay of the Hyatt Training community. Learn why!

With 2023 just around the corner, we are thrilled to welcome the Hour of Power Challenge back to Hyatt Training! Members can complete the challenge each week in the studio, or at home, based on individual members’ schedule and comfort level.

Each one of the personal trainers on the #DreamTeam will be guest writing a workout for a week. We’re excited for everyone in our community to get a sense of each trainer’s style and expertise.

The Hour of Power (HOP) chalkboard workout takes about 50 minutes, depending on types of sets and how fast you’re willing to go. It will challenge anyone, but most importantly it can be easily adapted for ALL athletic abilities and schedules (ask your trainer for help if you’d like modifications!). It’s even more fun with a friend or two, so coordinate schedules and help each other finish. We’ll be hosting an unofficial group meet up to complete the workout each week on Wednesday at noon. The more the merrier!

You’ll find workouts posted on the studio chalkboard AND in the Hyatt Training app, featuring workout descriptions and videos. If you’re not signed up for the app, email Jeremy and he will get you set up.

From Jan. 1 to April 1, we’ll challenge the entire Hyatt Training community to perform one HOP per week. Participants will get stickers to chronicle their HOP workouts on the board in the studio. Complete 10 HOPs in 13 weeks, and you’ll get a commemorative #HOPX10 t-shirt to wear as a badge of honor. It’s your gift from Hyatt Training!

3 months, 1 HOP per week, GO!

Have questions about how you can join the #HOPx10 challenge fun? Email us at

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