Nothing this year is the same. And that is not going to change anytime soon. With that said, we have been strong advocates since the beginnings of COVID for routine, structure and normalcy within uncertain times. We have witnessed day in and day out the celebrations and struggles of our new world, and believe more strongly than ever in the power of structure, community, coaching and fitness.

For a decade, the #HOPx10 Challenge has been a mainstay of the Hyatt Training community. A nudge in the new year to try something new, to challenge yourself, to set new goals, and to bring us together. There is no way we are not looking forward to that this year.

Yes, things will be different. No, we have no idea when that might change. But we are going to be here FOR YOU and we are going to encourage you to start 2021 off with some new goals, some new challenges, and some hard workouts with your Hyatt Training community!

This year all the workouts will go into the Hyatt Training app. There will be 2 HOP workout options to choose from each week, one that utilizes equipment and one that doesn’t. If we do get back into the gym we’ll have workouts ready for you to do here. As a bonus, we’ll throw in a 3rd bonus workout each week focusing on core and mobility so you can start to build a library of workouts to help with movement breaks, relaxation sessions, “me” time, and feeling your best.

By the end of 13-weeks, you’ll have 30+ new workouts in your app that are yours to use and enjoy as you see fit. A small part of the perks of being a member at Hyatt Training!

Not a member? Not a problem! Join our Fit Fam Curated Workouts app subscription and be part of the fun!

In lieu of the usual stickers to mark completed workouts, each week we’ll post metrics in the Sunday newsletter that include total workouts completed, calories burned, etc, so you can feel like you are contributing to something special, something big, something important.

Your success is our success and our success is yours. The best path through all of this is together.

Dates: January 4th – March 31st 2021
Email Jeremy to make sure you’re signed up and your app account gets loaded with workouts each week!

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