There are six weeks left in the #HOPx10 Hour of Power Challenge. We had a record number of people sign up (nearly 60) and out of that initial group I am happy to report that 38 people have completed five or more workouts! There is still plenty of time for the others to catch up too, two workouts a week for the next four weeks has everyone nearly finishing the challenge!

We started the #HOPx10 Challenge as an incentive to come use the studio and to help fight some of the winter doldrums by stepping out of your comfort zone with friends. The relationships forged, the progress made and the commitment to the studio and your workouts has been greater than we ever imagined.

Many clients have continued to use the chalkboard workouts throughout the year to supplement the work they do here with their personal trainers. Many more have dropped other gym memberships because they like the structure and efficiency of being able to come in and have supplemental workouts planned for them when they arrive. Most of all, the consistent response we’ve heard from athletes that adding another challenging workout to their week has improved their cardio, running, physique, mindset, health, etc. is awesome!

The #HOPx10 Challenge fits into Hyatt Training goals of making fitness as effective and efficient as it can be for our clients. It’s never to late to start another #HOPx10 Challenge for yourself. All workouts can be modified and adapted easily to fit your needs and fitness level.

Congrats to everyone who has taken the challenge in 2016 and a special thanks to our great crew of interns for helping everyone navigate the workouts safely and successfully!