Another #HOPx10 season is coming to a close. Every year we have a few more participants and every year the completion rate among the participants goes up. Both of those numbers are a testament to what the Hour of Power has become around Hyatt Training…

Is it a great workout, sure. Is it a way for our clients to get structure outside of their training sessions, you bet. Does it allow our members to come in and get a great sweat without having to think about a thing? Absolutely!

But it has become more than that. It’s become a way for our community to connect and commiserate over shared challenges. It’s become a way for our community to challenge themselves, push outside their comfort zone and find success. And it’s become a right of passage for so many who thought they weren’t “athletes” or weren’t “good at working out”. They have battled some fears to come in on their own and step up to plate, and in finding success have opened up a lifetime of confidence to move their bodies in cool, hard and fun ways. It’s this confidence they can take with them everywhere they go, from the weight room to the board room and that, I think, is pretty cool. Congrats to all our participants on your efforts and your success.

Finisher’s t-shirts and tanks will be on the upstairs railing on 4/1!

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