High intensity interval training is proven time and time again as a great way to build lean muscle mass, drop fat weight and increase cardiovascular capacity. It is also fantastic for trading limited workout time for maximal results and keeping the incidence of repetitive movement overuse injuries lower than sports like running or swimming.

We design the Hour of Power (HOP) with this in mind. It takes about 60 minutes (depending on types of sets and how fast you’re willing to go) and the HOP will challenge anyone who steps in the door and can be easily adapted for ALL athletic abilities and schedules. They’re also even more fun with a friend or two, so coordinate schedules with some buddies and help push each other!

3 months, 1 HOP per week, GO!

The challenge is straightforward. Starting Jan. 1, we’ll be challenging the whole Hyatt Training community to perform one HOP per week for 3 months, ending April 1. Participants will chronicle their workouts on the board—there will be stickers—so get ready. Anyone who gets 10 HOPs in 12 weeks will get a special gift from Hyatt Training.

Most importantly, we’ll be supporting each other to make improvements in our wellness.