Happy New Year! We can’t say we’re sad to see 2020 go… But we are decidedly excited for the promise of 2021 and a fresh start.

As a member at Hyatt Training, the studio has a lot to offer that you might not be aware of. As you consider some new habits and routines in the coming weeks, please know that we love supporting your health and wellness journey!

Our #HOPX10 challenge is an annual tradition with a new twist for 2021. Check it out – and join us! It will mean 30 bonus workouts in your Hyatt Training app by the end. Email us at Go@HyattTraining.com to grab your spot!

Every Monday and Friday we each lead a 45-minute equipment-free virtual workout (Monday = Strength / Friday = Yoga). It’s so nice to bookend our weeks as a community with familiar faces. Plus the Monday at 7:30 workout will be Jeremy leading us through that week’s HOP (bodyweight version).

One of our favorite things each year is hearing from members who were hesitant to try the #HOPx10 Challenge and then end up crushing it. Use the added support of Jeremy’s Monday session to give it a try!

Why do we do these extras? The honest truth is that if you see your trainer AND add in 1 to 3 additional professionally programmed workouts a week you’re going to feel great and exceed your goals. And, to boot, you’ll have friends and a community cheering you along every step of the way.

And that’s why we’re here.

The best way forward is together. #WeGotThis

In health,
Lee and Jeremy

PS. Community Connection workouts resume January 4!

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Jeremy and Lee created Hyatt Training because they believed whole-heartedly that one-on-one personal training is the best way to get the most out of your workout time and reach optimal results. Learn more about them, or get in touch with them by emailing Go@HyattTraining.com.