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Rich West Blatt

It’s a journey. Your body didn’t get the way it is overnight, but with time and intention, together we can unwind the patterns that are causing you pain.

Massage therapist Rich West Blatt

Rich West Blatt

Licensed Massage Therapist

Personality: Warm, grounded, kind, open

Certifications: License in Massage Therapy from the State of Oregon

Education: Bachelor of Arts from University of Michigan

About me

I have been a licensed bodyworker for nearly three years. I started my career working for a very busy chiropractic office in the Pearl called Hosmer Chiropractic Health. After a year I went to work for another busy clinic called Asula Wellness Center. I opened my private practice as soon as I got licensed and have been building my business ever since.

I love my job because I love helping people feel better. After a career in corporate sales and marketing, I like being the “good guy.” People are always glad to see me. Clients can sense that they’re safe with me, and that I’ll help them get the results they seek.


I specialize in deep tissue therapeutic bodywork using a seamless combination of techniques, including myofascial release, structural integration, muscle energy techniques and elements of craniosacral therapy.


I listen with my ears and intellect to the story they tell with their words, and then I listen with my spirit and my hands to the story that the tissue of their body tells me. Through this process, I help guide them back to wellness and function. When there is outstanding success, it’s always a collaborative effort.

Outside the gym

I was born in Nova Scotia, Canada, raised in rural northern New Jersey, went to college in Ann Arbor, Mich., and lived there for several years before moving to Portland in 2007. I’m an avid hiker, cyclist, runner and nature junkie. I’m also a lifelong musician. I play guitar, write original music and sing both solo acoustic and with my band, The Once In A While Sky.

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Rich sees clients at Hyatt Training on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

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