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Carissa Conner

I am small but mighty. I pull from a deep source of inner strength.

Hyatt Training licensed massage therapist Carissa Conner

Carissa Conner

Licensed Massage Therapist

Personality: Lighthearted, compassionate, focused, patient

Education: Graduate of East West College of Healing Art

About me

I’ve worked as a licensed massage therapist for almost 19 yrs. I’ve worked in chiropractic offices and as a part of a care team for 15 years. I love the recovery process from acute injury and recurring flare ups. I also love the puzzle of the body’s compensation patterns and discovering where it all began and unraveling the unnecessary tension.

I knew early on that I liked rubbing my family’s shoulders, but what really made me want to become a massage therapist was a psychology class in college. We learned about a touch deprivation study that had been conducted in Germany in the 1940s. There were 10 infants in an orphanage—seven were cuddled, touched and held, and three were only changed and fed with no additional contact. Within one year, those three infants died. It was determined that human touch is necessary for a healthy life. I decided right then and there that massage would be how I helped people. So I left college and went to massage school.

I love seeing the relief in a person’s face when their pain subsides, the joy they have when they can move freely and the peace that comes when the stress is lifted. I know I make an impact on not just their lives but on the others around them. My clients leave with a light heart and a smile that they share with others.


I help clients become aware of their daily habitual postures and habits and how that affects their body mechanics. My other specialties are stress management, mindfulness, headache/migraine management and low back pain.


We demand so much from our bodies in everyday life. When we add workouts, our bodies need rest in order to wipe the slate clean and prevent a build up of tension that leads to injury. I work all areas around the issue. The body is so interconnected that I can’t just work the neck without working the shoulders, pecs and the jaw. I am very thorough and detail-oriented.

Outside the gym

I was born and raised in Oregon out in the country, and now I live in the foothills of Mount Tabor. In my spare time, I enjoy gardening—it’s my art form. I also play basketball with my son—it’s his passion. We love to go to the beach, stormy weather or sunny, it’s always great. My son Tulasi and I have a dog named Raya and a betta fish named Rocket.

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