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Health & wellness services

Personal training at Hyatt Training is so much more than just a good sweat. In addition to customized strength and conditioning, we offer an array of supportive services to improve your long-term health and wellness.

Portland personal training coaching services at Hyatt Training

Professional coaching

We help with race plans, goal setting, fitness testing and daily workouts so you achieve your goals efficiently and without injury. We customize your schedule and build in proper strength and mechanics work.
Investment: $125-$225/month

Hyatt Training health wellness services include gait analysis Portland Oregon

Gait analysis

A Hyatt Training gait analysis examines slow motion video of your stride from three different angles to make prescriptions for strength/ flexibility, mechanical improvements and footwear based on your stride.
Investment: $150-$200

Portland personal training yoga services at Hyatt Training


Yoga is an essential component to any health and fitness plan. Hyatt Training’s one-on-one yoga sessions focus on strength, balance, flexibility, mindful movement and focused breathing.
Investment: $250-$350/month
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Hyatt Training health wellness services include body fat and cardio tests Portland Oregon

Body fat and cardio tests

During our fitness tests, we work with you to identify goals and select appropriate tests to measure or re-measure current levels. After the test, we create a plan and schedule time to re-test metrics and evaluate progress.
Investment: $150/test

Hyatt Training health wellness services include nutritional counseling in Portland Oregon

Nutrition counseling

Nutrition impacts performance, recovery, mood and overall health. We work with you to identify your strengths and weaknesses then recommend a plan that is both evidence-based and manageable long-term.
Investment: $150

Hyatt Training health wellness services include stretching services in Portland Oregon

Stretching services

When done properly and consistently, stretching promotes recovery, reduces injury risk and improves performance. Our customized stretching sessions focus on improving your flexibility and/or injury rehabilitation.

Portland personal training youth services at Hyatt Training

Youth training

We work with athletes and their coaches to ensure that they have the strength and coordination to excel at the demands of their sport and perform strongly for years to come.
Investment: $250-$350/month
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Hyatt Training health wellness services include bodywork and massage in Portland, Oregon

Bodywork and massage

Bodywork helps reduce injury and enhance performance for athletes of all levels. Our providers are licensed, experienced and professional practitioners with a passion for helping people feel their best.
Investment: $75-$100/hour

Hyatt Training health and wellness Fit Kitchen Direct

Fit Kitchen Direct

Fit Kitchen Direct is a healthy meal delivery service. Hyatt Training is a drop off location and, you can pick up your meals at the studio each Monday. Learn more about how the program works and why we love Fit Kitchen Direct!
Investment: starts at $61.25 per week

Wellness practitioners

Our experienced, knowledgeable and professional wellness practitioners are passionate about helping you feel your best. Whether maintaining regular health or working on a specific medical concern, they can help you get on the right track for optimal health and wellness.

Advance Sports and Spine Therapy

Advance Sports & Spine Therapy

Physical Therapy Specialists

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Massage therapist Rich West Blatt

Rich West Blatt

Licensed Massage Therapist

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Hyatt Training licensed massage therapist Carissa Conner

Carissa Conner

Licensed Massage Therapist

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