This September, Advance Sports and Spine Therapy is celebrating one year at its NW Portland-Hyatt Training location. To celebrate this partnership, Advance Sports and Spine Therapy is offering FREE musculoskeletal consultations to ALL Hyatt Training Members. If aches and pains are limiting your ability to maximize your workouts with your favorite Hyatt Training personal trainer or perform the activities that are important to you, then don’t delay, and schedule your musculoskeletal consultation with Doctor of Physical Therapy, Jeff Cox today.

A musculoskeletal consultation is right for you if you have said:

• “It hurts to do….”
• “I’ve had to stop doing…”
• “Because of my pain I’m afraid to do…”

This 30-minute consultation will consist of a conversation to learn more about you and your pain, assessment of your movements to identify probable reasons for your pain, and provide you with management options.

Not having any pain? We have an offer for you too!!

Developed by a physical therapist and an athletic trainer, The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is a quick screening of the movement patterns that support the work, sports, and daily activities we perform. The FMS can be used to:
• Set a movement baseline which can be re-tested at a later date to assess the effectiveness of your training program;
• Identify limitations and asymmetries in movement;
• Identify movement pattern dysfunctions which increase the risk of injury*;
• Direct corrective exercise prescription to address these limitations

*The FMS is scored ranging from 0-21 points. Multiple studies have shown that individuals who scores less than or equal to 14 have a greater than 50% increase in chance of injury.

Two convenient ways to schedule your musculoskeletal consultation or FMS:

1. Stop by the front desk and speak with Allecia to schedule
2. Call 503-582-1073 to schedule

We’re thrilled to have Advance Sports and Spine Physical Therapy in our Slabtown studio! Within our walls you’ll find more than just a good sweat. Our core values guide each decision we make every day. We’re dedicated to building community and providing education about health and wellness for both our clients and Portland at large. To learn more about what we’re all about, how we could help you, our dream team of personal trainers, email us at