Hamstring strengthening exercises are an important part of running and walking injury-free. The hamstrings are a group of tendons and muscles that flex the knee while running and walking. They are important movers at both the knee and hip and are often underdeveloped. This weakness leads to muscle imbalance and potential injury.

A key hamstring strengthening exercise is the hamstring curl

The hamstring curl strengthens these often undertrained muscles. Applying a simple strength-band allows for increased resistance and strength building.


  1. Start with a band around one ankle and the other around the middle of the opposite foot.
  2. Flex the knee of the leg with the band around the ankle and return to the starting position. Keep the femur (thigh) of your working leg stationary.
  3. Perform two sets of 20 reps per leg.

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More hamstring strengthening and stretching exercises

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