It’s time to play “Guess The Hyatt Training Trainer.”

Based on the following clues (see answers below), can you guess which trainer we are profiling this week?

• 1 – Name something you love? Anything British.
• 2 – Who is your idol? Han Solo.
• 3 – Describe yourself in only three words? Enthusiastic, compassionate, and inspiring.
• 4 – Name something you must have? A large salad with crumbled tortilla chips on top every day for lunch.
• 5 – Favorite musician or band of all time? The National.
• 6 – Favorite way to burn calories? Strength training, of course!
• 7 – What’s your go-to guilty pleasure? Frozen fruit with embarrassing amounts of Cool Whip.
• 8 – Best advice that you have ever received? Keep it short. “Every day is a new beginning.”
• 9 – Favorite past time? Drinking coffee in the morning while reading The New York Times.
• 10 – What is your area of training expertise? Partnering with my clients (particularly women) to find the best movement and nutrition plan for their unique needs that is sustainable and life-giving through appropriate goal setting, education, empowerment, and accountability.