Single-sided strength work is a key component of a well-rounded approach to fitness. The single leg squat builds hip stability, quad and glute strength and promotes balance. Check out why it’s important, who it’s good for and how to execute it correctly.

Why it’s important

Doing unilateral work (single-sided) is great for strength and balance, and balancing strength between dominant and non-dominant sides. Not only do you work the “target” muscles but you fire up a whole host of stabilizers too.

Who it’s good for

Almost everyone, but particularly great for runners, cyclists and other leg-driven athletes or people whose balance needs to improve.

Execute it

One foot balance. Lower on single leg to a controlled depth. Focus on pushing other leg back, helping to keep weight in mid-foot to heel of working leg. Chest and chin stay up, flexion at ankle/knee/hip. Perform 15-20 reps per leg. Modify by doing two-leg squats.

Jeremy’s personal training philosophy

Portland personal trainer Jeremy HyattIt’s important to start with the basics and move from there. Too often, people get into complicated movements and goals before they have the proper fundamentals, which can lead to negative results.

My number one job is to get my clients stronger for the things they want and need to do.

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