Exercise equipment is one of those things we tend to accumulate and not use a lot (the Treadmill Coat Rack, for example). However, in times like these, the infamous Portland Snow Days, or times when you just can’t make it to the studio, having some basic equipment can be really helpful. We’re building a lot of bodyweight workouts into the app, and I’m writing a lot of bodyweight workouts for clients that don’t have home equipment, but we thought we’d shoot out a list of equipment we’d recommend you have … you know, just in case!

The equipment here is all sourced through Amazon for convenience*. You can source the equipment in a variety of places, some local, some corporate. We have no idea what the supply chain will be like when you receive this note. Locally, Portland Fitness Equipment is great.

If we could pick any two pieces of equipment for each person, it would be a 30 lb kettle bell and a 1/2 inch super band. If you had those things, there is a tremendous amount of work you could get done. We’d almost always start there, maybe a yoga mat too. This list has some items that are cheap, small, easy to access and others that may need a professional install. We hope helps!

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Our top picks for your home gym

30 lb kettle bell
On the whole, kettle bells are super versatile. Ideally we’d recommend a pair of lighter ones (15-25 pounds) and one larger one (40-70 pounds) as a really good start. Anything you can do with dumbbells you can do with kettlebells, the reverse is not true.

Champion Barbell Vinyl Coated Kettlebell, 30-Pound

Stretchy stuff is versatile because of how well you can vary the resistance.  We’ve linked to a 4 pack but a single 1/2 inch band can go a long way.

INTEY Pull up Assist Band Exercise Resistance Bands for Workout Body Stretch Powerlifting Set of 4

Yoga Mat
It’s better to move on than wood floors, easier to clean than carpets.  Really essential for a good home gym.

Gaiam Essentials Thick Yoga Mat Fitness & Exercise Mat With Easy-Cinch Yoga Mat Carrier Strap (72″L X 24″W X 2/5 Inch Thick)

Jump Rope
Since the 1600’s it has been one of the best and most accessible forms of cardio.  15-20 minutes of vigorous jumping can be the equivalent of 45-60 minutes jogging.  It’s a great piece to have unless you have neighbors below you!  The link we’ve included is a weighted rope, albeit fairly light.  We have that rope in our garage and it’s really nice for the price.

Gaoykai Weight Jump Rope Workout for Women,Men, Exercise Cardio Boxing Crossfit, Adjustable Bold TPU Rope Bearing Aluminum Handle Fitness Skipping Rope (Black)

Stability Ball
You likely have one of these already, they seem to be flat and laying around everywhere.  Pump it up and use it for great core work, really a nice thing to have although not as versatile as some of the other things we’ve mentioned and takes up some space.  Generally a 55cm ball works for most people for most exercises.

TheraBand Exercise Ball, Professional Series Stability Ball with 55 cm Diameter for Athletes 5’1″ to 5’6″ Tall, Slow Deflate Fitness Ball for Improved Posture, Balance, Yoga, Pilates, Core, Red

Wow, this piece really adds a lot of options.  It’s the most expensive on here and certainly needs to be installed correctly, but it’s an amazing addition that doesn’t take up much room.

TRX Tactical Gym: The Most Durable Bodyweight Suspension Trainer | Used by US Military & Pro Athletes | Includes Free Force APP with a 12-Week Conditioning Program | Free Rugged Mesh Travel Bag

And anchor….
TRX Training – X-Mount. Create a Durable and Discrete Mount Almost Anywhere with This Anchor Point

Foam roller
A foam Roller is another nice piece to have. Here’s an inexpensive option, but there are infinite materials, lengths, and firmnesses to choose from. A basic 36 inch is a good place to start.
AmazonBasics High-Density Round Exercise Therapy Foam Roller – 36 Inches, Black

Adjustable Weights
If you want to have a lot of variety in a small foot print, the adjustable weights are really great. We have two pairs at the studio – one that goes to 25 pounds and one that goes to 50 pounds. They are both more solid / secure than you might imagine and really versatile for the footprint.

PowerBlock Sport 24 Adjustable Dumbbell, 24 lbs (Pack of 2)

Having a step / bench is a great addition to the home gym. Furniture can sometimes work here but not always as stable. These plastic adjustable benches aren’t perfect for anything, but they’re good for a lot of things and a little cheaper than a metal / upholstered bench.

Power Systems Fitness Deck, for Cardio Workouts and Strength Training

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