We’ve been using Boulder Clean products at our personal training studio for the last 2 and a half years. We are so honored to announce that they were chosen as an EPA Safer Choice Partner of the Year! Selecting their products is just one of the things we do to be a sustainable Portland gym.

Sustainable, everyday

Boulder Clean, Colorado-based producer of natural laundry, dishwashing, and cleaning products, was awarded the 2016 EPA Safer Choice Partner of the Year Award for excellence in formulation work. Watch their EPA Safer Choice Partner of the Year Award acceptance video and see what Boulder Clean is doing to make the industry safer for your home and planet.

The EPA Safer Choice program assesses ingredients based on a full chemical identification, ensuring the safety of all ingredients used in Boulder Clean products. These stringent human and environmental health safety standards mean that consumers can know with certainty that Boulder Clean’s product safety claims are backed by science and certified by the US government.

Safer Choice currently has around 500 partners across the nation who make more than 2,000 products, and Boulder Clean is proud to be chosen from this group and named one the 2016 Partners of Year.

“At Boulder Clean, we don’t subscribe to the notion that consumers have to sacrifice cleaning power when choosing natural products,” says Steve Savage, Founder and CEO of 1908 Brands and Boulder Clean. “The EPA Safer Choice certification helps us demonstrate this with every product we offer, and we are proud to receive this award for our formulas.”

Hyatt Training works to be a sustainable gym in Portland, Oregon

It’s no accident that we chose the color green for our logo. We believe health, wellness and personal growth happen best when we keep toxins and pollutants to a minimum. We love to use the functional strength and fitness built in our personal training gym to get outside and enjoy our amazing planet. It’s important for us to do what we can and be as green as possible.

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