Having a plan in place for how you manage stress – both good and bad stresses – is critical to doing life at your best. Today Jeremy shares his tips for stress management, some key areas to make sure you evaluate for yourself and his tips for how he manages his own stress as a business owner, dad and husband.

Here are 10 questions to begin to evaluate your stress management plan.
Answer honestly. If you answer yes on 4 or more, let’s talk!

– Do you drink more days per week than you don’t?

– Do you struggle to keep a sleep schedule that allows for 7+ hours a night most nights?

– Do you find yourself short tempered in lines, traffic, with family, in group settings often?

– Do you sweat less than 4 times per week?

– Would you grade your diet as a “C” or worse on a regular basis?

– Do you struggle to prioritize time for yourself?

– Does your screen time (phone / tablet “scrolling”) exceed 1-hour per day on a regular basis?

– Do you watch more TV than read books?

– Do your days regularly feel frantic rather than planned, structured, balanced?

– Do you think you could use better strategies to manage your stress?

Each element we’ll cover in this series is a key part of overall health and doing life your very best. Being the strongest person in the room won’t get you very far if your emotional health is not in check. As we work with our clients at the studio, we support them in many ways, each unique to the challenges present in their individuals lives.

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