The way we start each day can set the tone for what’s to come and make all the difference. Have you given careful consideration to your first 1,000 steps each day? In today’s segment Jeremy shares some important elements to consider as you begin each day with a solid routine in place.

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  • In Tip #3: Strength Training, Jeremy shares the essentials of a good strength and conditioning plan.
  • A plan for stress management BEFORE you need it is key to overall health. Check out some of the tools Jeremy uses as a business owner and family guy in Tip #4.
  • Tip #5 outlines the importance of relationships and social interactions. Research supports that these interactions are KEY to living our healthiest lives. Jeremy shares some of his strategies for prioritizing family and social time.
  • Tip #6 dives into recreation and the importance of getting outside, doing the things we love alongside friends and family.
  • Healthcare trends, diets and supplements can be helpful tools in maximizing your energy and overall wellness. But the trends and info can be tricky to navigate. Check out Jeremy’s personal approach and how he shifts through the noise in Tip #7 of our series.