Finally, it feels like spring! The sun is coming out, the temperature is rising, and we have cabin fever from a month of social distancing. Fortunately, taking workouts from the living room to the park doesn’t need to be difficult or compromise safety. Exercising in the great outdoors offers the opportunity to get fresh air and your heart pumping, a win-win! Below is an easy and approachable template for you to build your own park workout.

Start with a walk/jog around the park
Shoot for a ten minute lap, but no rush, to get a feel for the lay of the land. Is there a location in particular you’d like to workout? Are there landmarks or benches around the path? Are there a lot of people, a silent disco, or stir crazy dogs that may provide obstacles (or entertainment)?

Choose your intervals
Depending on your park, choose your preference for the format of your workout. During your walk/run, you could stop at each bench for strength building exercises, do 30 seconds of dynamic movement every two minutes, or drop and do ten push-ups for every dog you pass. Downloading an interval timer app would be very helpful, there are many available for free on Android and iOS devices. Or, time your movements with song changes or ads in a podcast.

Pick your moves
If strength building is your preference, choose a pair of exercises that are easy to perform in an outdoor setting. Bodyweight squats, lunges, push-ups, sit-ups and planks can all be easily adapted to fit your comfort and abilities. Prefer dynamic cardio? Jumping jacks, jump squats, burpees, mountain climbers, skaters, and high knees take little space and offer an extra proprioceptive challenge. Pair exercises that are easy to transition into and out of, keeping your heart rate elevated and your body in motion.

Every two minutes complete 10 push-ups and 20 jump squats
Every five minutes do 40 jumping jacks, 20 skaters, and 10 shoulder taps
Stop at each bench and complete 15 tricep dips and 20 split squats (10 per side)
Do 20 high knees each time a dog passes
Hold plank for 30 seconds at each song change

Plan on spending at least 30 minutes outside, maintain an elevated heart rate for the majority of your workout, and always wear SPF!

Looking for more inspiration or don’t feel like thinking?
1) Ask your trainer for a plan!
2) Check out our quick, kick-your-butt tabata guide for an anywhere, anytime sweat session.

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