COVID-19 protocols

We always strive to go above and beyond our members’ and trainers’ expectations. Our approach to studio operations during COVID-19 is no different.

Behind the scenes we continue to work hard to ensure the safety inside the studio. Prior to our first COVID re-opening, we enlisted the help of five Hyatt Training members with strategic qualifications to help us chart our course going forward through our member advisory committee. Over the last year we’ve continued to tirelessly research the best information available and incorporate it into our best practices for operations.

Here’s what you can expect at the studio. We will continue to update these plans as information becomes available.

Updated January 27, 2021 – Our original protocols exceed the guidance released 1/26/2021


Prior to entry, everyone entering Hyatt Training will be asked to complete a health declaration containing standard COVID screening questions: Have you experienced cough, fever, sore throat or shortness of breath in the last 24 hours? Have you recently been tested for COVID-19 or been in contact with a suspected or COVID-19 positive individual (in the last two weeks)?

Before your first visit back to the studio, all members are required to complete a new liability waiver. Please take care of this in advance to avoid having to do it on your phone upon arrival.

Staff, trainers and members are required to wear face coverings inside at all times per state requirements.

Members will enter through the main door off the parking lot (and leave through the 19th street door) to limit contact with others. Check out our traffic flow map here. You will text your trainer upon arrival, and they will text you when it’s time to enter.

All entrants will be required to sanitize and/or wash their hands upon arrival.


Because of the importance of physical distancing, we’ve re-organized the studio into private, reservable workout areas including outdoor options.

Initially, we will run a maximum of three indoor sessions at a time (with the possibility of two additional outside sessions). This will allow for double the CDC and Oregon Health Authority space guidelines. There will be two workout areas downstairs on the rubber floor and one upstairs (priority given to partner sessions). There will be equipment designated to each reserved area. Members will pick up and handle their own weights and equipment as much as possible (rather than their trainer). There will be a variety of equipment and cardio options in each area, carefully curated to optimize your workout.

At this time we plan to make the turf available for sled work only.

We encourage you to bring a full water bottle with you. Please bring only essential items with you. Locker rooms are open with limited capacity (1 person can shower at a time, two total people in each locker room).


From day one, we’ve been known for our cleanliness. Reopening will include enhanced cleaning and disinfecting protocols. We will be using Clear Gear, an EPA-approved cleaning solution and materials throughout the facility. Towels will be laundered with bleach.

Sessions will be 50 minutes in length to allow for a 10-minute disinfecting break between sessions and the entry/exit of members with no crossover.

We’ve added top-rated HEPA type air purifiers throughout the studio. The NYTimes recommends the Blueair Blue Pure 211+ for larger spaces.

Each evening our team will do a deep cleaning and disinfection of the studio.


COVID-19 is impacting us all differently. You can count on us to be 100% open, honest and transparent with our members and trainers. We encourage every member of our studio family to communicate with care and empathy. None of us has ever done or experienced this before. Together, we will do our best.


We’re reserving session times! Reservations are made on your behalf by your trainer at this time, Open Gym reservations to