COVID-19 protocols

We always strive to go above and beyond our members’ and trainers’ expectations. Our approach to studio operations during COVID-19 is no different.

Updated July 27, 2021
On July 26 Multnomah County issued a universal mask recommendation. Their request that all individuals wear masks in indoor public settings.

To do our part and curb the spread of the Delta variant and keep the Hyatt Training community safe here is our plan and updated studio policy around masks:

The nature of Hyatt Training
The nature and operations of Hyatt Training is different than grocery stores and most other retail establishments and indoor public settings. The large majority of our small gym community of around 150 total people are fully vaccinated. The same people come at consistent, regular times, by appointment.

Science supports that fully vaccinated individuals interacting with one another inside continues to be safe. Here’s an article from the NY Times published last week with more information on the science here.

How we will proceed
1) Immediately reinstate mandatory masking inside Hyatt Training for unvaccinated individuals.

2) For everyone’s safety and comfort, we will ask that fully vaccinated individuals who wish to train mask-free verify (or re-verify) their status by showing their vaccination card (we’ve had lots of new members in the last month). It is our hope that re-check will help members to feel comfortable that who they see mask-free in the studio is vaccinated as we enter this new phase.

On June 25, Governor Kate Brown signed Executive Order 21-15 to eliminate Oregon’s County Risk Level framework and most remaining COVID-19 health and safety restrictions starting June 30. Press release


We ask that unvaccinated individuals who have been in contact with a suspected or COVID-19 positive individual (in the last two weeks) please stay home.

Before your first visit to the studio, all members are required to complete a liability waiver. Please take care of this in advance to avoid having to do it on your phone upon arrival.

For vaccinated individuals masks are not required at Hyatt Training for personal training and open gym sessions. For unvaccinated individuals, masks are required for personal training and open gym sessions. Physical therapy is a healthcare offering and masks are required for those appointments.

All entrants will be required to sanitize and/or wash their hands upon arrival.


Because of the importance of physical distancing, the studio operates by reservation-only for training sessions and open gym workouts.


From day one, we’ve been known for our cleanliness. Our operations include enhanced cleaning and disinfecting protocols. We use Clear Gear, an EPA-approved cleaning solution and materials throughout the facility.

Sessions are 50 minutes in length to allow for a 10-minute disinfecting break between sessions and the entry/exit of members with minimal crossover.

We’ve added top-rated HEPA type air purifiers throughout the studio. The NYTimes recommends the Blueair Blue Pure 211+ for larger spaces.

Each evening our team will do a deep cleaning and disinfection of the studio.


COVID-19 is impacting us all differently. You can count on us to be 100% open, honest and transparent with our members and trainers. We encourage every member of our studio family to communicate with care and empathy. None of us has ever done or experienced this before. Together, we will do our best.


We’re reserving session times! Reservations are made on your behalf by your trainer at this time, Open Gym reservations to