Licensed Massage Therapist (she/her)

Personality: Compassionate, sincere, ambitious, active

Certifications: Licensed massage therapist (LMT), CPR

About me

In my early teens, after years of being teased about, and feeling ashamed of, my body weight, I found a deep passion for living a healthy, active lifestyle. It began with nutritional and fitness changes and ultimately led to a career as a massage therapist. I’ve worked as licensed massage therapist in Oregon since 2014 in a variety of settings and have experience with numerous modalities. I believe that massage therapy is a highly beneficial addition to a wellness-oriented life. I find great satisfaction in helping others, particularly in regards to pain management. In fact, my father sparked my interest in massage therapy, as I wanted to find a remedy to his severe back pain.


I offer personalized, goal-oriented sessions, with fully customizable pressure and clients’ choice of add-in(s) for a unique and effective full body relaxation, rejuvenation and recovery experience.