Sleep Strategies: Beyond the Basics

Sleep is an essential component of health and wellness. Sometimes, we can address all the elements recommended for sleep hygiene and still have trouble getting a good night’s rest. What then? We need to dive deeper. Here are some additional areas beyond the basics to consider. […]

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How to get your best sleep

Do you ever wonder how to get your best sleep? Why do young children wake up at the same time every morning, yet adults struggle to achieve that natural regulation (hello, snooze button!)? What factors and lifestyle choices affect our sleep as we age, and what adjustments can we make to increase our sleep quality? We all know sleep is important, but why is it important? What does getting “good sleep” look like? Join us as we dive into some excellent resources to answer these questions, and find yourself on the path to better sleep…and health! […]

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Oura Ring Review

83. 85. 94. These numbers are really important. Life changing actually, and I don’t say that lightly. After hearing about Oura Rings for a while, a client approached me and suggested we both try them. What follows is my Oura Ring review after 2 years of wearing it consistently. […]

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Is it bad to eat right before bed?

How bad is it to eat right before you go to sleep? Is it that bad? Is it actually good? Is it not even worth worrying about? Common wisdom has often been that you shouldn’t eat anything after 7pm. It’s unclear where exactly this statement came from but logically speaking it makes very little sense when observed on an individual basis since not everyone goes to bed at the same time. […]

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