Hyatt Training community manifesto

One of our favorite parts of being small business owners is that Hyatt Training really is an extension of our lives, not just a job. Because it’s part of our DNA we get the chance to extend our personal values to our business. For us, this brings an intersection of heart, responsibility and compassion for those (that’s YOU) who fill our days. […]

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Holiday Hours

As we lean into the winter holidays, you can find all modified studio hours information for Thanksgiving and year end. Get the details! […]

2022-11-17T13:10:22-07:00November 15, 2022|

Work Out Give Back: New Avenues

Work Out 💚 Give Back is scheduled for Sunday November 20, 2022 at 9 a.m. We hope you’ll join us to gather in person OR virtually and celebrate the Hyatt Training family while supporting the great work being done by New Avenues for Youth here in our local Portland community! […]

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June is for Justice: Juneteenth PDX 2022

From June 17th-19th we will donate a percentage of sales to support the Black Resilience Fund and Juneteenth PDX 2022. […]

2022-06-15T06:57:51-07:00June 15, 2022|

June is for Justice: Pride

June 1 marks the start of Pride Month celebrating the 1969 Stonewall Uprising in Manhattan which marked the tipping point in the Gay Liberation Movement in the United States. Collectively we get to shine a light on this important turning point in history by re-affirming our support of equal rights and nondiscrimination for all. […]

2022-06-03T09:34:28-07:00June 1, 2022|

Student Summer Strength Special

Inspired by the great benefits kids can get out of professional strength and conditioning coaching and the importance of setting the right tone for our kids around exercise, we’re taking the opportunity to give back and offer a special session structure to kids ages 17 and under over the summer months. […]

2022-05-27T06:34:00-07:00May 25, 2022|

We are a sustainable Portland gym

We’ve always said that the color green in our brand is no accident. We’ve always been committed to being a sustainable Portland gym. Sustainability is a key part of our core values. Our home in the Fitzgibbons Glass Building has allowed us to expand our efforts since we moved in 4 years ago. […]

2022-04-14T14:35:43-07:00April 14, 2022|

Why cardio is important, our Quick Hitter workouts explained

Strength training and cardiovascular conditioning are the bread and butter tools of a personal trainer, even though we might not necessarily want you to eat bread and butter. On top of encouraging a healthy and well-balanced diet, making sure you get enough time working out in both domains of exercise is important to overall health. So why is cardio important? Working out can have many benefits like brain function and bone density. Focusing on cardio and conditioning specifically, endurance based exercise will improve your health; things like body composition, blood pressure, heart health, mental health, all-cause mortality and so on. When it comes to higher intensities specifically, research shows that vigorous intensity activity can lead to better cardiac health, metabolic function, and physical ability when compared to moderate intensities. […]

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January studio update

Today we’re talking about Omicron. It’s been our goal since March 2020 to make the studio the safest place possible outside your own home. Check out this studio update to learn more what we continue to do every day while actively working to improve the health and wellness of our community. […]

2022-11-14T15:53:46-07:00January 9, 2022|

December Studio Update

The latest Hyatt Training news for you! As we look back on 2021 and forward to 2022, we have so much to be thankful for. TOGETHER, this community has raised money for affordable housing in Portland and actively worked on improving their health all while being part of a community, enjoying one another’s company. […]

2021-12-23T12:50:00-07:00December 23, 2021|

New at the studio: Acupuncture

We couldn’t be more excited to welcome Adam Gawlak, veteran studio trainer, into his new role as a licensed acupuncturist! Adam has been earning his masters degree in acupuncture while working as a trainer. He’s ready to put his extensive toolkit and expertise in pain management and injury recovery to work. Learn more! […]

2021-12-04T14:00:11-07:00December 4, 2021|

November Studio Update

The latest Hyatt Training news for you! We’re excited to celebrate the season with our signature Work Out Give Back event on November 21. […]

2021-11-11T17:02:22-07:00November 11, 2021|

Guess the trainer round 1

It’s time to play “Guess The Hyatt Training Trainer.” […]

2022-01-24T09:44:53-07:00October 8, 2021|

September studio update

The latest Hyatt Training news for you, specifically around our consideration of the Delta variant. […]

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