Hyatt family eats: Max’s cookies

When Max went to kindergarten, I needed to find something that I knew he would eat quickly and get calories and protein in during his short – 15 minute – lunch period. This recipe also doubles as a grab and go protein ball, but remember to keep in mind why they were designed, and think of string bean Max. […]

2020-06-09T14:56:44-07:00August 2, 2016|

Hyatt family eats: kale salad two ways

I am happy to report that our little garden is BURSTING with kale right now. Summer is salad weather, and to me the key is in the right preparation. When I find something I love, it’s easier to eat it a lot. I hope you enjoy our take on kale salad, two different ways. […]

2021-05-05T12:59:33-07:00July 15, 2016|

Hyatt family eats: healthy homemade pizza

Realistic and minimally processed are two of the main goals for our family’s meals. With a four- and six-year-old, pizza is a regular item on our menu. In fact, Max loves it so much he requests it for his school lunches. We make this healthy homemade pizza every Sunday. We eat it along side a big salad and rainbow colored fresh fruits and veggies. […]

2020-06-09T15:02:20-07:00June 14, 2016|

Hyatt family eats: slow cooker vegetarian quinoa

For busy weeknights, the slow cooker is a dream. But I’ve always had a hard time finding vegetarian recipes aside from chili. With baseball season upon us, I took matters into my own hands modifying a meat-based recipe to create a Mexican-inspired, rainbow-packed staple vegetarian meal for our family. It’s forgiving and easy to make substitutions for your preferences. […]

2020-06-09T14:56:51-07:00May 12, 2016|

Hyatt family eats: Slow cooker steel cut oats

Slow cooker steel cut oats are one of my favorite breakfasts. We often make a large batch on Sunday morning and enjoy it reheated on the stove top all week long. When combined with seeds, nuts and fats, oatmeal packs a nutritional punch and lots of protein. […]

2020-06-09T15:02:49-07:00April 15, 2016|

Hyatt family eats: Asparagus pasta recipe

Asparagus is one of our favorite seasonal spring treats and we’ve just starting seeing organic asparagus in the stores. We love eating it fresh off the grill, drizzled with olive oil and balsamic. Below is our favorite spring pasta dish. It won’t be here long, so enjoy it while you can! […]

2020-06-09T14:54:32-07:00March 12, 2016|

Hyatt family eats: simple smoothie recipe

I’ve always been a proponent of incorporating smoothies in to daily nutrition plans. They’re a great, convenient way to incorporate many essential basics (carbs/protein/fats) as well as valuable micronutrients. We’ve posted smoothie blogs in the past that Lee still makes for the kids. […]

2020-06-09T14:55:11-07:00February 16, 2016|

Winter soup and salad recipes

One of my favorite things about Roland Carfagno’s lecture and demonstration events is the reminder to “cook with love.” So often, it’s easy to get into the mindset that food and dinner prep is a chore, rather than a privilege and pleasure. […]

2020-06-09T14:55:21-07:00February 8, 2016|

Hyatt family eats: roasted veggies

Since Roland’s seasonal cooking lecture last spring, I’ve been trying to do more seasonal produce buying. He advised us to walk in the store and look around at the produce, selecting what looks good and then creating our meals for the week based on what’s good, rather than just what’s on my recipe list. […]

2020-06-09T14:57:00-07:00January 17, 2016|

Hyatt family eats: Squash and black bean tacos

Fall brings a welcome change of pace to our kitchen. I love the increased options for roasting, especially squash. We are a taco-loving family, and I was inspired to create these hearty, squash and black bean tacos last week. They are so fast, easy and perfect for a weeknight dinner. […]

2020-06-09T14:57:07-07:00October 20, 2015|

Hyatt family eats: healthier chocolate cake

The reality is, we’re all going to eat cake sometimes. Thank goodness, right? Celebrations are some of the best parts of life and should be savored. But they also (can) entail heavy, super sugary and processed foods packed with food coloring. Think white grocery store cake. Just like our workouts, having a plan and being in front of the inevitable sugary treat can minimize harmful ingredients while still enjoying something special with friends and family. […]

2020-06-09T14:57:18-07:00September 15, 2015|

Hyatt family eats: burger night with a twist

Burger night is one of our favorite summer menus. I cook vegetarian for Jeremy and me, so when we fire up the grill, our idea of burger night turns into a plant-based extravaganza. We love this healthy, summertime dinner. […]

2020-06-09T15:03:02-07:00August 13, 2015|

Hyatt family eats: healthy fried rice

We love this healthy fried rice recipe, which is a variation on the traditional stir fry. One of the main reasons it is always in our dinner rotation is because the base ingredients are something we almost always have on hand and the “required” veggies (carrots, celery and broccoli) are long lasting in the refrigerator. I’ll frequently cook this the last night before we go grocery shopping. I also like that this recipe is a loose guideline. It is nice to be able to add or subtract ingredients based on what looks good and is in season. […]

2020-06-09T14:54:43-07:00July 12, 2015|

Hyatt family eats: Broccolini pasta recipe

We love this broccolini pasta recipe made with fresh, organic broccolini. I contest that being a scratch cook is possible mostly because we repeat familiar recipes frequently. Right now we are enjoying this dish at least once a week! […]

2020-06-09T14:54:52-07:00June 1, 2015|

Hyatt Family Eats: Whole Wheat Banana Bread

Void of processed additives, homemade baked goods make great, realistic snacks. Especially for kids and guests. Hopefully this is just in time for your holiday baking needs, minus all the extra sugar (this recipe only calls for 1/4 cup). Plus, the whole-grain flour, two eggs and yogurt give it an extra protein boost to keep blood sugar spikes minimal. […]

2020-06-09T14:57:26-07:00December 16, 2014|
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