Personal trainer tip: train smart

Personal trainer Amanda Meyer recently completed a weekend studying Strong Endurance with industry legend Pavel Tsatsouline, founder of StrongFirst, Inc. Check out her number one take-away! […]

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Personal trainer tip: good nutrition in a busy life

Being healthy means more than just getting a good sweat. The holistic, longterm approach to health and wellness at Hyatt Training means we provide members with all the tools and education necessary to be their best selves. That includes having a great nutrition plan. The nutrition component of health can be challenging because it takes planning and time, two things our busy members sometimes have trouble carving out for themselves. As a business owner, personal trainer, father and husband, check out how Hyatt Training owner Jeremy Hyatt keeps his nutrition on track. […]

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Personal trainer tip: Arm tone up

Our friends at KGW News Channel 8 called to ask owner and personal trainer Jeremy Hyatt about the best way to tone up arms for summer. Check out the clip from his appearance, and read on to learn what this 20 year fitness industry veteran recommends to look (and more importantly feel!) your best this summer. […]

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Personal trainer tip: run!

Vigorous aerobic activity not only makes us feel better and provides a host of health benefits, but it’s one of the only ways to keep your brain creating new neurons. Learn more in this tip from personal trainer Jeremy Hyatt. […]

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Personal trainer tip: keep up the intensity

Preparing for her role as emcee and moderator at our Women’s Health Q&A event on March 8, Yoga instructor Lee Carson has been researching and reading topics for the night. Check out her tip to maintain overall health by turning up the intensity of your workout. […]

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Personal trainer tip: find a hobby

Having active hobbies is one of the major components of a long and healthy life. Check out the advice from personal trainer Erin Seekins for sticking to your workouts and goals by way of, well, fun! […]

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Five healthy holiday tips

The weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s can challenge us to stick to our healthiest fitness routines and habits. Check out my top five healthy holiday tips to reach New Year’s merry and bright. […]

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Personal trainer tip: Jump rope

When was the last time you jump roped? When our personal trainers first hand over the jump rope to a client here at Hyatt Training we can get some interesting looks and flash backs to the elementary school playground. Check out why personal trainer Sarah Griffin incorporates jump rope into her sessions and try two of her favorite jump rope workouts. […]

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Personal trainer tip: fascial hygiene

Creating positive habits is a big part of achieving fitness and nutrition goals while feeling your best. Yoga instructor Lee Carson shares a favorite personal trainer tip for fitting in regular fascia maintenance. […]

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