Antioxidants for Athletes

Look up any nutrition blog for sports performance or body composition and no doubt it will talk about protein, and carbohydrates, and protein, and fat, and protein, and calories, and protein, and fiber, and pro…well, you get the picture. And it’s true that these things are important, but really they are just part of a larger picture. […]

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Swoon-worthy sauces with Megan Benedict on 2/11

The secret is in the SAUCE. If you’ve ever tried Fit Kitchen Direct, you know that owner Megan Benedict makes amazing sauces each week for their healthy meals. Join us Sunday, February 11 from 9-10 a.m. to learn about Megan’s secret sauce(s)! […]

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Five tips to improve your overall health

At Hyatt Training, we believe in a long-term, sustainable approach to health and wellness. I recently shared my top five tips to improve overall health as a guest article for our corporate wellness partner Mortgage Trust, but had to share it here too! […]

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Personal trainer tip: put an egg on it

‘Tis the season for roadblocks and detours to your nutrition plan popping up EVERYWHERE you turn. Stay the course with this tip from Yoga instructor Lee Carson, during the holidays and always. […]

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Healthier holiday eats: Savory green beans

Realization of the season: there are actually a TON of very normal holiday dishes that can easily be made healthfully. Oh sure there’s holiday sweet breads, desserts galore, and pre-made appetizers at the front of every grocery store. But there are a lot of options for making a dish that is “commonly accepted” as a holiday food that is also nutrient dense and delicious. […]

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Personal trainer tip: good nutrition in a busy life

Being healthy means more than just getting a good sweat. The holistic, longterm approach to health and wellness at Hyatt Training means we provide members with all the tools and education necessary to be their best selves. That includes having a great nutrition plan. The nutrition component of health can be challenging because it takes planning and time, two things our busy members sometimes have trouble carving out for themselves. As a business owner, personal trainer, father and husband, check out how Hyatt Training owner Jeremy Hyatt keeps his nutrition on track. […]

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Healthy cooking oils

One of the biggest questions we hear from our clients is about which oils are best for cooking with. The mainstream media has been awash with all sorts of snippets on this topic. We turned to nutritionist Barb Skinner to write an informative guest post and full run-down on the best oils for cooking, eating raw, and avoiding. […]

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Rest and digest

Research supports what we all know to be true: we live in a stressed out society. According to the American Psychological Association, 24% of adult Americans categorized their average stress levels as “extreme stress” in 2015. As the pace of life, work, and even leisure speeds up, it is more important than ever to understand how this chronic stress impacts our wellbeing, and in particular digestion and nutrient absorption. Check out this guest post from nutritionist Barb Skinner to learn how exactly stress impacts digestion and for simple, straightforward ideas on how you can impact your health. […]

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Hyatt family eats: Veggie chili for 20

My philosophy on veggie chili is go big or go home, both in flavor and in size. I’ve been making this recipe for years, and am always thankful for the extra leftovers when they are in the freezer. This hearty vegetarian version of classic chili packs in the flavor and veggies without guilt or grease. […]

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Hyatt family eats: slow cooker Thai green curry

This is one of our new fall favorite vegetarian recipes. The slow cooker takes the time pressure out of the dinner rush. This batch size makes enough for us to eat for at least two dinners, maybe more. It would also be great for a cold evening dinner party. […]

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10|20|30 Pep Wellness program starts October 10

Looking to bolster your fitness and bring focus to your nutrition and/or mindfulness practice? We’re excited to partner with Megan Barnett, owner of Pep Wellness, for her 10|20|30 nutrition, mindfulness and exercise program. The program is an overall mind-body reboot with both 30-day and 90-day options. […]

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Eggs: love ’em, leave ’em, eat ’em?

The other day a friend made a comment about eating three hard boiled eggs, but not every day. Based on what I know about her, my guess is she has the same question that many of us have: Can/Should I eat eggs (particularly the yokes) every day? Or are they too high in cholesterol and need to be limited? […]

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Hyatt family eats: kale salad two ways

I am happy to report that our little garden is BURSTING with kale right now. Summer is salad weather, and to me the key is in the right preparation. When I find something I love, it’s easier to eat it a lot. I hope you enjoy our take on kale salad, two different ways. […]

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Hyatt family eats: healthy homemade pizza

Realistic and minimally processed are two of the main goals for our family’s meals. With a four- and six-year-old, pizza is a regular item on our menu. In fact, Max loves it so much he requests it for his school lunches. We make this healthy homemade pizza every Sunday. We eat it along side a big salad and rainbow colored fresh fruits and veggies. […]

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