Success story: Linda Coto

Linda has been a Hyatt Training member since 2016. Previously an avid runner, Linda has learned the importance of resistance training and has combined the two to make a complete and sustainable fitness lifestyle. Working with her personal trainer Hayden Olson has given her the tools she needs to reach and exceed her goals. Now Linda knows that focusing on the journey, not the destination, is what drives a healthy life. […]

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Success story: Kelly Kniliva

Kelly is a dream client! She always puts in the work and has been successfully chipping away at her goals. She started small but has added to her goals gradually over the last 15 months using small steps for big success. Kelly started with gym workouts twice a week and a little work on her off days – she now consistently puts in time outside the gym running, hiking and squeezing in gym workouts at her office. She is so committed and it’s been a joy to watch her get strong. […]

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Success story: Tabra Bay

If there is a picture next to the word “dedication” in the dictionary, it is probably Tabra’s. An avid dancer, and Pilates instructor, Tabra stepped into the gym with a focus and drive to take her dance to the next level. Between her cross-training in the gym for strength and balance, working independently on her flexibility and technique and her commitment to bringing the best to her students as she learns more about her own dance, Tabra brings a positivity and drive that is has certainly been inspiring to watch and continues to grow with every session. […]

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Success story: Mark Brenner

Mark is the poster child for consistency and focus. He has been in the same time slot, rarely missing a day, for more than a decade. His original goals still hold true…be strong enough to keep running (what he truly loves to do). I’m happy that we’ve been able to accomplish that and keep his love of running and the community of friends it brings to him active for so long. […]

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Success story: Chie Etzel

Chie brings her A game and gives 100% to every session. She loves to work hard and is dedicated to achieving her fitness goals. When she is not crushing it in the gym she is getting after it on roads putting in miles running. It has been so fun to watch her progress week after week and hear that she is doing things that she has never done before. […]

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Success story: Terry Kirchhoff

When Terry started training, the whole fitness world was a mystery to her, but she was eager and ready to learn. Since then, she has been an absolutely consistent client, and always tries everything her personal trainer Erin Seekins throws at her without hesitation. Her smile and attitude are an infectious presence in the gym, and she inspires everyone around her. She is a living example that it’s never too late to start! […]

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Success story: Summer Ray

Summer started personal training sessions at Hyatt Training last July to help rehab from a car accident. Since then, she has met every obstacle that has come her way with an enthusiasm and willingness to work that is unrivaled. These qualities coupled with her effervescent personality and contagious smile have defined each of Summer’s sessions. With her wedding just around the corner, she’s ready to walk down the aisle looking and feeling her best! […]

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Success story: Michael Etzel

13 months ago, Michael joined the Hyatt Training community with little exercise experience and a shoulder injury. Meeting with his trainer has helped him improve his shoulder and lower back health, exercise adherence, and overall wellness. His positivity has not only aided in the quality of his exercise, but it has allowed him to truly love the process. […]

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Success story: Margie Smith

When Margie first began her training sessions she was relatively new to regular exercise and admittedly a little intimidated by the process. Her main goals were simple and straight-forward so the real challenge was in creating the space in her life to engage in a more active lifestyle, on top of committing to her new personal training regimen. Over the last year and a half Margie has worked consistently and diligently, attending regular training sessions, adding in water aerobics and walking multiple times a week to supplement her strength training. Since that first session her posture and confidence have transformed as have her strength and flexibility. Between all of that and her ability to quote classic musicals, Margie is an absolute joy to work with and continues to work hard towards her new goals. […]

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Success story: Dan Weinsoft

When Dan started with personal trainer Erin Seekins, he had couple very generalized goals. Since then he has become a goal setting and crushing machine. He knows his work is never finished, utilizes all of the tools available to him, and shows up at the gym on a consistent basis, always with a desire to grow and learn. […]

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Success story: Jody Maxwell

Between her career, her family, and continuing her education, Jody Maxwell has every right to say that she’s “too busy” to make her health and fitness a priority. Fortunately, that’s not her style. From her workouts in the gym to making healthier nutrition and lifestyle choices at home, Jody is always willing to show up and do what needs to be done. Moreover, she does it with a smile and a warm personality that makes her a joy to have around the studio. […]

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Success story: Julie Altstadt

Julie has been one of Jeremy’s most consistent clients over the past few years. She absolutely realizes the importance of activity in her life and makes a priority of not only her training sessions but the “homework” in between. In return, Julie has made great strides in her running – both pace and distance – and been able to continue a very active and healthy lifestyle through life’s curveballs along the way. […]

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Success story: Eileen Trudeau and Nels Gabbert

It’s hard to explain, really, how important this family is to Hyatt Training. Jeremy started working with the Gabberts back in the early 2000’s when their daughter was struggling with persistent ankle injuries as a high school soccer player. Since then, he’s had the chance to work with everyone in the family; Nels, Eileen, Owen and Corina. […]

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Success story: Matt Feldmar

Matt Feldmar is one of those guys that you look forward to seeing everyday. He has this smile, this laugh and this way of being into it but without taking things too seriously. We think that’s why people love working out with the guy – he’s up for anything and will make it more fun. For Matt, Ironman is a way of life. […]

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