Refreshed and inspired for YOU

One of the core values Lee and I have for Hyatt Training is to keep both our training practices and business practices fresh. It is important to us that we are inspired and focused on the future. Our job is to facilitate growth among our clients and for us to be successful at this, we must always continue to grow and innovate as well. […]

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#HOPx10 lessons learned

On April 1 our #HOPx10 high intensity interval challenge came to a close. We began the challenge on January 1 and over the course of three months, participants completed 10 high intensity interval workouts. The challenge wasn’t designed willy-nilly. We employed true science in designing both the workouts and the duration of the challenge. We took in to account both the length of time it takes to form a new habit AND the length of time it takes to feel real results from the workouts. […]

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Success story: Melanie Webb

This is the first in a new Hyatt Training series where we feature our amazing clients and their inspiring achievements. If you’d like to participate (or know someone who should), email us at […]

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Hour of Power Update, 5 weeks to go #HOPx10

The statistics are staggering. Most people who make a resolution don’t keep it. A majority of people who join a gym never go back. Not some people, MOST people. Not a minority, a MAJORITY never go back. At Hyatt Training, we’re doing everything we can to make fitness a habit for you by offering the structure and consistency needed to be successful and motivated every day, every week all year long. […]

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Race for the Roses, April 19

We hope you will you join us at Race for the Roses on April 19! We’re sharing this coupon code for 10% off your entry. Note: When you click this link the 10% off will be applied to your entry. Just follow the process through, there is no coupon code. For the first time ever, Lee and I will run the race together with the kids rather than wear volunteer/staff hats. […]

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Our hearts beat for YOU

Every day, I come to work inspired by the people I get to spend my day with, YOU! Lee, Tyler and I are so proud of all that you accomplish through your hard work, dedication, passion and perseverance. We love being on the journey of health and fitness with YOU, and thank you for entrusting us.

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