Success story: Lisa Heydet

Between her children, her business, and her travels, Lisa has as many reasons as anyone to claim to be “too busy” to exercise. However, she never uses her hectic schedule as an excuse to skip the gym. Instead, she shows up with a smile and a sense of humor that make her one of our favorite people to have at the studio. […]

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Success story: Mary Wells

Anyone around Mary Wells benefits from her presence. When you talk about someone with heart, you are talking about someone like Mary! She is always pushing herself and up for a challenge. She is such a joy to coach because she is dedicated to continuous progress – all with a smile. Exercise is a time that Mary can take just for herself, and I am so glad she is part of Hyatt Training. […]

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Success story: Steve Janik

Steve Janik works hard at everything he does, and always puts in 100% at the gym. Steve has a big job, so he uses his training sessions to decompress and get stronger. He always has a positive attitude, is willing to try new things, and works hard at every session. We appreciate Steve’s drive, motivation and goal to continue to get stronger. His trainer Erin hopes to one day be able to hold a plank as long as Steve can! 😊 […]

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Success story: Sheryl Manning

Sheryl Manning puts her gym work to use everyday. She uses her time working out as a way to maintain mental health and as a way to stay running; oftentimes the same thing! Having trained Sheryl for over 10 years now, we’ve had the chance to experience a lot of wins and a few challenges along they way. Her positive approach and the mindset that physical strength lays a foundation for lots of good things in her life has kept her consistent and motivated to embrace new goals and challenges along the way. Her work ethic and attention to detail should be an inspiration to all of us! […]

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Success story: Jessica Marlitt

Jessica is one of our most favorite people ever. Hard-working, ever-positive, and thoughtful beyond belief; she embodies the things that make a community gym like Hyatt Training such a special place. […]

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Success story: David Altschul

David is one of those guys that takes every session, every set of exercises and every repetition seriously. He forces me to be at the top of my game with planning and cueing and he lives a life that makes the things we do in the gym super real and important. At 73 he is still active skiing, rock climbing, gardening and living a busy work life. His energy for those pursuits is no doubt, in many ways, related to the efforts he makes to keep himself healthy and strong and I’m so happy and honored to have been a part of that for the past 4 years. […]

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Success story: Tina Romine

Tina Romine’s level of dedication to her health and fitness is apparent by how much stronger and more capable she has become. She’s lifting more weight, moving more athletically, and taking control of her health through diet. When not training with her trainer Dustin, she’s in the gym, putting in solid work. Of course, she also makes time for weekend trips to Mt. Rainier or for pizza at a newly discovered pizza joint. […]

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Success story: Jill and Tony Daniels

Team Daniels is an inspiration to so many of us. They are regularly at the gym four days a week, supporting and challenging each other. Their workouts keep them in great shape for new adventures and doing the things they love. Over the years is has been impressive to watch their confidence grow and their stamina flourish! […]

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Success story: Ryan and Lisa Heffernan

When you share a habit with somebody, it’s amazing what you can achieve. The Heffernans have been putting in sweat equity together for over a year and are the most committed and consistent (together) that they have ever been with their fitness. Lisa is running like the wind with her fastest mile times yet, and Ryan has dropped 35 pounds since this January! We love being a part of this power couple’s journey. […]

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Success story: Bob Finch

Bob Finch has been a dedicated to his training sessions with personal trainer Beth Hoeck for the last three years. His hard work has yielded lost weight and inches while improving range of motion and total body strength. His positive attitude and determination has allowed him to accomplish his personal goals. He is a great photographer and avid dog walker and his gym time keeps him feeling good for these activities. […]

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Success story: Marge Finch

For the past 3 years, Marge has shown up to every session with her trainer Beth wearing a smile on her face and full of laughter. She has improved her balance and gained muscle strength through her workouts at Hyatt Training weekly. Marge loves her two grandchildren dearly – she knows exercise is an important part of keeping up with and enjoying them. […]

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Success story: Regina Hauser

It’s ok for a lady to be a bad ass, and Regina is a bad ass. She works hard, she has great life balance and she has the best arms in the gym! One thing we love about Regina is that she has a host of activities outside the gym that makes the work she does here relevant and functional. She’s an avid golfer, hiker and mountain climber and has recently taken up race walking with a Portland to Coast group. She’s always quick to ask questions, to incorporate new things that feel helpful and is committed to her fitness as a lifestyle and it shows. She’s an absolute dream client and joy to have at the studio. […]

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Success story: Jody Bohannon

Jody Bohannon is strong. Not “strong for a runner”, “strong for her size”, or “strong for someone who hasn’t been training for that long.” She’s more like “200 lb deadlifts for sets of 10” and “bench pressing 100 lbs for multiple reps” strong. She’s real-deal strong, and she got there by being unwaveringly consistent and having one of the most positive attitudes of anyone we’ve ever met. On top of all that, since starting training she’s lost a considerable amount of weight, gotten rid of nagging aches and pains, and completely changed her body composition along the way, too. […]

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Success story: Amy O’Neill

Amy has been working one-on-one with her personal trainer, Beth Hoeck, for the past 18 months. We love her positive attitude and determination at the studio! She has overcome joint pains through consistent workouts at Hyatt Training twice a week. Amy is currently training for a 40 mile long backpacking trip with her husband in August. […]

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Success Story: Mazyar Afshar

Mazy’s progression over the last 10 months has been truly inspiring. By nature he is a hard working, detail oriented, and committed man; all things a trainer wishes to have in a client. Training Mazy is an absolute blast and being with him on his fitness journey as we reinvigorate his natural athleticism provides the perfect example of what following a dedicated program can achieve. Whether we focus on endurance, strength, or power, Mazy can do it all and for him the sky truly is the limit! […]

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