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I read a lot. I try to make sense of most of it and I like to share some of the things that seem most meaningful. Sometimes they will be fun, sometimes work related, sometimes life related. Some worthy of sharing with others; our clients, friends, family. This list is from a favorite, Ryan Holiday (author of Ego is the Enemy, Stillness is the Key, The Obstacle is the Way, Daily Stoic, and more). […]

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Oura Ring Review

83. 85. 94. These numbers are really important. Life changing actually, and I don’t say that lightly. After hearing about Oura Rings for a while, a client approached me and suggested we both try them. What follows is my Oura Ring review after 2 years of wearing it consistently. […]

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A listen to inspire intentionality

I bounce back and forth between books and podcasts when I drive. I’ve previously talked about the Libby app and how it helped me devour more books than I ever have in a single year. But after a while, the books began to overlap. So I’ve switched back to podcasts for the most part, and am enjoying listening to amazing people tell amazing stories. […]

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Success story: Chaz Whiting

Like many people, Chaz works a job that forces a lot of time at the computer, but he also is an avid outdoorsman and Do-It-Yourselfer. He came to Hyatt Training without a ton of training experience, but with an open mind willing to try everything that was thrown at him. It wasn’t long before Chaz was ripping body-weight deadlifts off the ground and falling in love with the mental and physical challenges that come with kettlebell practice. His consistency in his training has been impeccable; he’s always getting in extra workouts at the studio and kettlebell practice at home, pushing to get better each week. One of the greatest parts of working with Chaz has been getting to hear numerous stories about how his (sometimes very intense) home renovation projects have been easier to accomplish since beginning training! […]

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Success story: Michael Marlitt

We have loved watching Michael build confidence in the gym. He has gained an incredible amount of strength and has changed his body composition, but most importantly, he has changed his life. Seeing Michael continue to incorporate strength training and other forms of movement into his every day life has been amazing. We’re so inspired by his dedication! He is such a joy to work with. […]

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Success story: Ian Gates

One of the things that has impressed us the most about Ian is his dedication to his training. He’s been training at Hyatt Training for a year and a half, and even with a busy family life and a business to run, Ian is here, week to week, smiling and ready to work! […]

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Success story: Tim Damron

Tim is a personal trainer’s dream client; he’s always ready to work and puts in extra time outside of his sessions. His desire to learn the “why” behind the process has led to Tim’s growth, both physically and mentally. Members like Tim are the reason we have such a great community at the gym. […]

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Success story: Aaron Kerr

As a father, entrepreneur, and business owner, Aaron has still been able to prioritize his health and fitness to achieve remarkable results. He always shows up ready to work hard in the gym, while also keeping up with his running schedule. Aaron is a joy to coach because of his dedication to his health and his willingness to take on challenges. […]

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Success story: Jude Sturman

Jude’s commitment to health and wellness goes far beyond the time he spends in the gym. Even through his busy work/travel schedule he always finds a way to make healthy food choices and stay active on the road. It is his consistent effort day in and day out that allows him to perform at a high level in the gym and on the tennis court. It is a pleasure having Jude as part of the Hyatt Training community! […]

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Success story: Jeannie Chu

From day one, Jeannie has been a bright spot in the community. She shows up with energy, laughter, and excitement to train and to connect. She doesn’t hesitate to talk to other clients and trainers, to smile at everyone, and to give her session her all. The strength that she’s built in the past year is inspiring, as is her willingness to learn and challenge herself every week. […]

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Success story: Gary Schoos

Sessions with Gary often include belly laughs and insightful stories from the past. Not only is he a joy to work with and be around, his commitment to his workouts and his health have allowed him to live with far less pain and much more mobility than before. Gary is a great example of someone who works incredibly hard while also knowing how to slow down and enjoy the little things in life. […]

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Success story: Stacy Blanton

Stacy has never wavered in her commitment to her health journey. She shows up ready to work hard and is always up for a good challenge. She loves lifting heavy, and we love seeing her get stronger. Her dedication and attitude ensure she’s going to continue to meet her goals because of her fierce commitment to them! […]

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Success story: John Miner

John asks the best questions during his training sessions that really show he’s puzzling through the intricacies of movement and mechanics. It’s a joy to work through these things with him while sharing in his carefree sense of humor and demeanor. He’s always so fun to be around. […]

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Success story: Lisa Heydet

Between her children, her business, and her travels, Lisa has as many reasons as anyone to claim to be “too busy” to exercise. However, she never uses her hectic schedule as an excuse to skip the gym. Instead, she shows up with a smile and a sense of humor that make her one of our favorite people to have at the studio. […]

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Success story: Mary Wells

Anyone around Mary Wells benefits from her presence. When you talk about someone with heart, you are talking about someone like Mary! She is always pushing herself and up for a challenge. She is such a joy to coach because she is dedicated to continuous progress – all with a smile. Exercise is a time that Mary can take just for herself, and I am so glad she is part of Hyatt Training. […]

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