Research supports increased daily activity

We all know exercise is good for us, and that there is cold hard science behind why this is true. Over the few of weeks, the media has released some hard hitting stories backed up by statistics about why, how, when and what kind of exercise we should be doing. Brass tax: it all supports increased daily activity. […]

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Sleep tips: the little things matter

Dr. Bill Bowerfind shared key insights about sleep during his presentation in the Hyatt Training lecture series last week. While I could never do justice to the vast amount of useful information that he shared, what you’ll find below are my key takeaways. More than anything, for me, it was a helpful look at all the little things (that I actually can have some impact over on most days) that go into good sleep. […]

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Tyler Kragerud earns LMT

Congrats to personal trainer Tyler Kragerud on earning his licensed massage therapist (LMT) credential from East West College of the Healing Arts! He adds this to his Fascial Stretch Therapy and personal training certifications to deliver holistic and comprehensive services to the Hyatt Training community. […]

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Take the balloon

I had a chance to see my favorite author, Cheryl Strayed, speak last month. She wrote Wild, Tiny Beautiful Things, Torch and just released Brave Enough. In addition to her keynote, I got to have her sign the copy of Tiny Beautiful Things that a dear friend sent me. Inside my book, Cheryl penned to me: Take the balloon. […]

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Meditation basics

With all the buzz, hype and touted benefits of meditation, we often think it’s supposed to be something big, maybe complicated and possibly difficult to access. The basic tenet of meditation is simply listening to what’s going on inside instead of outside. […]

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Lecture series 4/8: Simple, healthy, seasonal meals

Roland Carfagno, owner of Justa Pasta, will share his personal strategies for eating seasonally, simply and fresh. With more than 20 years of success in the restaurant industry, Roland will explain how to maximize flavor, nutrition density and ease of preparation. Learn how to make “What’s for dinner?” a simple and clean answer. […]

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Lecture recap: The science of fascia

Special thanks to personal trainer Tyler Kragerud for sharing his expertise about fascia at our lecture series on March 11. We learned both nitty gritty details about anatomy and holistic everyday tips for keeping our fascia, and by result, whole body healthier. “The fascia forms the largest system in the body as it is the system that touches all other systems” – James Oschman, PhD. […]

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Lecture series: The science of fascia

Join personal trainer Tyler Kragerud to learn about the science of fascia. Uncover the basics of what fascia actually is and how addressing fascial health can dramatically impact your performance. Learn why fascial stretch therapy can be such a powerful tool when it comes to freeing, realigning and balancing myofascial tissues, and how it is setting a new standard for addressing movement dysfunction across health and medical fields. […]

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