Bodywork is here!

Welcome licensed massage therapists Rich West Blatt and Michell Arenallo to Hyatt Training! They’ll be seeing clients in the front room off the lobby. We’re excited to have bodywork options for you at the studio on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays! […]

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Rest and digest

Research supports what we all know to be true: we live in a stressed out society. According to the American Psychological Association, 24% of adult Americans categorized their average stress levels as “extreme stress” in 2015. As the pace of life, work, and even leisure speeds up, it is more important than ever to understand how this chronic stress impacts our wellbeing, and in particular digestion and nutrient absorption. Check out this guest post from nutritionist Barb Skinner to learn how exactly stress impacts digestion and for simple, straightforward ideas on how you can impact your health. […]

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To Fitbit or not to Fitbit

I started last summer on a mission to really test out a Fitbit Alta. I was motivated by a few reasons, and the things I learned were both surprising and not surprising at the same time. As the research mounts about the importance of overall daily movement, many of us are looking to incorporating activity trackers. I hope the findings of my experiment can help to provide a little insight into this sector. […]

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Longevity, vitality, health

One of the biggest indicators of measurable health is longevity. There are predictable factors surrounding those who outlast others. Time Magazine published a fascinating article earlier this year about three things that add up to increased longevity (and we’d argue vitality, too). […]

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Research supports increased daily activity

We all know exercise is good for us, and that there is cold hard science behind why this is true. Over the few of weeks, the media has released some hard hitting stories backed up by statistics about why, how, when and what kind of exercise we should be doing. Brass tax: it all supports increased daily activity. […]

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Tips for top performance and creativity

Al Lee was the finale of our 2016 lecture series on April 6. He shared key insights into how we can work smarter and in more creative ways by incorporating a few simple strategies. He focused on three primary concepts: Energy creation, energy use, and enjoyment. […]

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Sleep tips: the little things matter

Dr. Bill Bowerfind shared key insights about sleep during his presentation in the Hyatt Training lecture series last week. While I could never do justice to the vast amount of useful information that he shared, what you’ll find below are my key takeaways. More than anything, for me, it was a helpful look at all the little things (that I actually can have some impact over on most days) that go into good sleep. […]

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Tyler Kragerud earns LMT

Congrats to personal trainer Tyler Kragerud on earning his licensed massage therapist (LMT) credential from East West College of the Healing Arts! He adds this to his Fascial Stretch Therapy and personal training certifications to deliver holistic and comprehensive services to the Hyatt Training community. […]

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Take the balloon

I had a chance to see my favorite author, Cheryl Strayed, speak last month. She wrote Wild, Tiny Beautiful Things, Torch and just released Brave Enough. In addition to her keynote, I got to have her sign the copy of Tiny Beautiful Things that a dear friend sent me. Inside my book, Cheryl penned to me: Take the balloon. […]

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