Core anatomy

Second in our series all about the core, let’s take a look at the anatomy of the core, which is far more complex than the anterior abdominals (that 6-pack Erin referenced in our series lead-off post). […]

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Aging Adults & Exercise: Science says yes!

America’s baby-boomers are aging. By the middle of the century, an estimated 87 million Americans will be 65 years of age or older, causing us to think more seriously about longevity and quality of life. While degeneration and loss of functional mobility are often associated with aging, the two are not necessarily synonymous. Some physiologic changes are considered normal for aging adults, but physical activity and proper nutrition can have a significant impact on one’s independence as they age. […]

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Why build a strong core? (Hint: It’s not about having a six-pack!)

Why build a strong core? You’ve inevitably heard a personal trainer or someone in the fitness industry harp on the importance of building strong abdominal muscles. In fact, if you currently work with a trainer, you probably hear cues like, “engage your core” and “keep your core tight” a handful of times every time you workout. Check out this guest post from personal trainer Erin Moussallem to get the nitty gritty on WHY building a strong core is essential to a healthy body. It’s the first post in a series all about the core! […]

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Your personal trainer’s favorite exercises and why!

We love the monthly mastermind sessions with the Dream Team of personal trainers working at Hyatt Training. Our June session was especially fun as each trainer shared their system for creating smart programs for their clients, as well as their favorite two or three exercises to deliver maximum benefit to their clients. […]

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Two gym workouts for mountain bikers

After taking a long hiatus from mountain biking, I have recently returned to the trails. A few things have stood out as I’ve gotten back on the bike. 1) Technology has changed a LOT! 2) I really missed the adrenaline of being on the trails and 3) I needed to be more fit in different ways for the challenges of the trails. […]

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Our favorite travel workouts

We love supporting our clients to stay on track with their health and fitness goals even while they travel. This is one of our favorite workouts to do when time and equipment are tight! […]

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Gait analysis: Run or walk strong and injury-free

Want to walk further without pain? Run faster? Breaking down the mechanics of the gait can show dysfunction and weakness with each step. A professional running or walking gait analysis breaks down gait and movement mechanics into several components. […]

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Exercise explained: push up

The classic push up builds strength throughout the entire body, specifically focusing on the chest, shoulders and core. It’s a key exercise used by personal trainers, but is also a no-frills option for do-anywhere bodyweight strength training. Check out why it’s important, who it’s good for and how to execute it correctly. […]

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KGW News Channel 8 expert

One of our core values at Hyatt Training is education. For our clients, our trainers and the community at large. Today Jeremy shared his expertise with our friends at KGW’s Portland Today, shedding light on what happens in rhabdomyolysis as seen in the story about football players at University of Oregon in the news this week. Watch the clip. […]

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