The benefits of strength training for kids

Research supports that kids benefit in the same ways as adults when it comes to strength training including heart health, better bone density, blood pressure management, and other general health markers. This post focuses on the benefits of increasing muscle mass and how that muscle leads to fewer injuries, better balance, improved coordination, foundational core strength and confidence for kids specifically. Love the idea of kids and exercise but aren’t sure where to starts? Check out our recent post about why and how to get your kids to start moving and exercise more.  […]

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Starting early: What’s the best way to get kids interested in exercise?

When should kids start exercising? And what’s the best way to get kids interested in exercise? This is a common question parents have when they understand all the benefits of exercise in general. Strength training is a key part to an exercise plan for any age but sometimes there are concerns about whether or not lifting weights can stunt growth. […]

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How does exercise increase bone density?

There are numerous benefits to strength and resistance training; greater strength, increased mobility, reduced injury risk, improved quality of life, and many others you’ve undoubtedly heard before. But how does exercise increase bone density? One of the understated benefits of strength training is bone mineral density and preventing osteoporosis. Strength training and load bearing exercise is one of the primary tools you can utilize to maintain or build up your bones. […]

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Tai Chi at Hyatt Strength + Wellness

We are so pleased to welcome Michael Seigel to the studio for a new Saturday group class; Tai Chi for Fall Prevention. The class will be held every Saturday at 10am starting May 11th. Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese martial art that has gained popularity worldwide for its numerous health benefits, including fall prevention. Through slow, deliberate movements and controlled breathing, Tai Chi improves balance, strength, and flexibility, making it an effective practice for reducing the risk of falls, especially among older adults. […]

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Mat Pilates on May 5

We’re excited to welcome Dan Walton, owner of Studio Blue Pilates, to Hyatt Strength + Wellness for an all-levels, complimentary mat pilates coming up on Sunday, May 5th! Learn the foundations of Pilates in this 50-minute, low impact class. Dan will focus on strength and mobility centered around the core, hips and shoulder girdle. Benefits include: eased neck & lower back tension, taller posture and bigger smiles! All are welcome regardless of prior movement experience. […]

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Hyatt family eats: Healthy recipes for spring

Healthy spring meals are on my mind! Almost overnight, winter gave way to warmth and sunshine. Like every year, when it happens, it happens almost instantly. With the arrival of warmer weather, I’ve been reflecting on our meals, recipes and nutrition routines and settling into our favorite, healthy recipes for spring. […]

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