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August at the Studio

As we adjust to the new, socially distanced way of life at the studio, we definitely miss the hum and cadence of life pre-COVID. Some of our members are still online and some are at the studio. Strategically, we’ve created a flow where there are just never very many people at the studio at one time. Today’s email is a glimpse and glimmer inside Hyatt Training. […]

2020-08-02T13:38:46-07:00July 30, 2020|

How to Address and Avoid Dehydration

As the temperature rises and the sun comes out, not only does an ice cold beverage refresh and quench thirst, it’s absolutely necessary to keep your body functioning at it’s best. It’s no secret or surprise that we need to drink plenty of water and maintain hydration, especially in hot weather and during intense exercise. But what if we miss the mark? What signs should we look for to stave off dehydration? What should we do if we cross the dehydration threshold? […]

2020-06-09T14:59:46-07:00May 14, 2020|

Why food sources matter

There are many special considerations when shopping for meat and dairy products. One needs to sort through the advertisements and tricky labeling, prices, nutrition facts, fat percentage, cage-free, free-range, organic, natural, grass-fed, pasture-raised, and on and on! It’s a lot of noise to sort through and we’re here to help get to the meat and potatoes of what matters (and doesn’t) when it comes to meat sources and labeling. […]

2020-05-10T15:31:00-07:00May 8, 2020|

Snack time: Easy Protein Balls

We’re a little worn out on cooking. Months of preparing meals and entertaining at home have given us recipe fatigue. Want a quick, delicious and healthy snack that you can toss together with the kids? Look no further than these easy and versatile protein balls! […]

2020-06-09T14:51:32-07:00May 7, 2020|

Cardio vs. Resistance Training

Weight management is at the forefront of many minds with recent events closing gyms, limiting activity and encouraging us to stay home. Maintaining a healthy weight will ensure your mind and body stay well balanced and function efficiently to survive and thrive through all sorts of emotional and physical stress. Diet is the most important factor in weight distribution, but exercise and its myriad of physiological benefits are a close second with regard to weight maintenance and body composition. […]

2020-05-03T13:48:05-07:00April 28, 2020|

Common Exercise Subtitutions

Scroll through social media these days and you’ll be inundated with workout content. Personalization is limited or nonexistent, which can be overwhelming and lead to injury. While there’s simply no substitution for working one on one with a trainer, growing your own exercise library can help you take ownership over your workouts and keep safety as the highest priority. Not only will you tailor your workout to your abilities and comfort, but to your preferences (although we all LOVE burpees, mountain climbers can be much easier on the knees). Below is a rundown of common exercises and their substitutions, safe for a myriad of fitness levels, including progressions and regressions. Your trainer can offer more personalized guidance and appropriate substitutions for your body’s abilities. We’re always here to help. If you have questions, just ask! […]

2020-04-29T10:27:37-07:00April 24, 2020|

Designing your own outdoor workout

Finally, it feels like spring! The sun is coming out, the temperature is rising, and we have cabin fever from a month of social distancing. Fortunately, taking workouts from the living room to the park doesn’t need to be difficult or compromise safety. Exercising in the great outdoors offers the opportunity to get fresh air and your heart pumping, a win-win! Below is an easy and approachable template for you to build your own park workout. […]

2020-04-22T11:42:44-07:00April 19, 2020|

What’s stress got to do with it?

I’m a big fan of stress… In the right amounts. And I’m not talking about road rage and work deadline stress, although those can be tell us a lot about ourselves. I’m talking about properly dosed micro-stressors with the intention of building strength and resiliency. Exercise is the easiest example here, we stress the muscles, damage them in the process, and they repair themselves stronger. Awesome. But what else can we / should we be doing to provide appropriate stress to our systems? Here’s a quick list of some things I regularly do and how I am modifying during these more stressful times. […]

2020-04-22T11:49:11-07:00April 12, 2020|

Focus of the week: Release to keep your tension at bay

One thing that we’re hearing so much about right now is how everyone’s bodies feel different. Being home bound for recreation and work really impacts our physical and mental health. Exercise can be such a huge factor in combating those changes, but it’s harder to get moving if your body just doesn’t feel that good. That’s where a little self-care comes in handy. […]

2020-04-08T09:37:22-07:00April 6, 2020|
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