Please take a couple minutes to tell us about your experience using the Hyatt Training App.


    Do you find the Hyatt Training App user interface easy to navigate?


    Do you find the Hyatt Training App content easy to understand?


    Do you find Hyatt Training workouts easy to follow and easy to access?


    Suggestions for improvement


    Do you prefer picking workouts from a general a la carte menu or having the structure of a calendar arranged for you and just following along with what is prescribed for that particular day?


    Are you following or using other virtual workout platforms?


    If yes, do you subscribe to paid or free content?


    In general, how many workouts do you like to perform each week?


    What features do you like best about the Hyatt Training App experience?


    What features would you like to see included in the Hyatt Training App experience that are missing?


    Do you open and read the Hyatt Training emails?


    Do you find the content in our emails and blog posts educational and informative?


    How do you feel about the frequency with which we communicate?

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    What content topics would you like to see covered by Hyatt Training in our educational blog posts?


    Prior to COVID-19, we had only used our App to support studio members. We love being able to share it with the community at large as we are during this time. In the future would you be interested in having a paid subscription to receive access to the Hyatt Training App?


    If yes, what monthly price-point would feel appropriate to you?


    If no, what changes would be needed to change your mind?


    Do you have any other comments or suggestions to help us continue to improve user experience on all fronts: App functionality, workouts, educational content and communications?


    We're happy to respond to any thoughts you've shared, and may want to ask for more information about your experience. Please leave your email below if we can contact you about your responses.