Sometimes we all need to be reminded of the basics. To take some time for an honest look at how we’re really doing with our health and wellness. At the studio, we build long term relationships focused around the importance of exercise and smart strength training. It’s also important to remember that health is more than getting 60 minutes in at the gym and eating well. Our overall health is impacted by nearly every thing we do. And this “everything” is happening all the time.

In terms of health, the two lowest hanging fruits are diet and exercise. Period. Full stop. But there are nuances within these two macro topics that can make a big impact. Do you minimize processed food? Do you strength train and do intervals?

There are, of course, other macro health-related topics and nuances within each of them as well. We love this midlife (though we say ANY life will benefit, not just whatever “mid” is…) tune up article for being as complete a source of all things health in one place that we’ve seen.

Read Tara Parker-Pope’s article from NYTimes Well. It’s comprehensive, detailed and while much of it won’t surprise you, some of it will.

Are they good reminders for you? Or do you need some support and guidance to get there. We consider our Dream Team personal trainers to be a concierge to you on your health and wellness journey. They are ready and willing to help. Just say the word.

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