At this point, nothing is unexpected from 2020. In what feels like countless ways, 2020 keeps piling it on. Some of the affronts are expected or at the very least, anticipated. But other things seem to be a collection of the most unexpected happenings.

The collective toll is staggering and overwhelming.

A friend shared this NYTimes article with us.

While it’s a touching tale of sled dogs, it gets to the heart of the matter:

There is no finish line, this is life.

Rest up, before you exhaust yourself.

Eat a healthy, wholesome meal.

Try again tomorrow.

But please do not discount the importance of routine, rest and self care. The weirdness is our normal for now.

In our house, here’s the motto:

Wash your hands. Eat good food. Go to sleep. Pick up heavy things for fun (or run really fast for a stretch). Repeat.

In health,
Lee & Jeremy

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