We’re wild about our clients, and we love being part of some of their biggest dreams and goals. For sure, passion is something that is in ample supply on our #DreamTeam of personal trainers. Just for fun, check out some of the things we’re loving right now, outside of our jobs! This post is an annual tradition here at the studio, check out what’s new!


Will Johnston

Early morning runs. I’m typically pretty ‘cardio-averse’ (if I go over 8 reps that counts, right?!?!), but adopting our second dog has led to finding new ways to get puppy energy out, so I’ve been getting up early and going for runs with her several times a week. Waking up at 5-5:30 isn’t my favorite thing, so it lets me feel like I’ve already won a small victory for the day when I do it, and I always appreciate the stillness and quiet of the morning once I’m up and out.

Elana Witt

Early mornings means I have to keep great sleep hygiene. One thing I do to prepare for sleep is to wear blue light blocking glasses after sunset. These glasses filter the blue light from screens and indoor lighting that can limit your production of melatonin, making it harder to fall and stay asleep. I love catching up on my favorite shows in the evenings, so wearing my blue light blocking glasses makes a significant difference in the quality of my sleep!

Speaking of sleep, I am loving having a thorough skin care ritual before bed. I have a set routine that has recently included using Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask. I tend toward dry skin and chapped lips, especially in the winter, so this stuff has been a game changer in giving me soft, moisturized lips–it is THE BEST.

To support my winter soup habit, I have been obsessed with using my Instant Pot lately. Here is one of my favorite recipes to make in it (it calls for use of a slow cooker but the Instant Pot also works great–and faster). Don’t forget to add the nutritional yeast to the recipe, even though it says it’s optional, because it’s the tastiest thing ever!

Reva Oleszczuk

I’m loving Kelly McGonigal’s “The Joy of Movement.” It’s fully explained why the magic of Lizzo always ups the intensity of my workout and how the right playlist can make all the difference. Working on mobility and performance based goals are also my jam of late. I’m combating the winter blues in the kitchen with oodles of cashew cream, a variety of spicy soups, and my friend’s line of DELISH vegan ice cream (check out Kate’s Ice Cream!).

Beth Hoeck

Making my own bone broth: Take wilting produce or the trimmings from vegetable prep and place it in a gallon ziplock baggie in the freezer. Once its full you are ready to make your broth with zero waste! I use my instant pot to make this delicious, healing, and flavorful broth. It’s easy to freeze or to enjoy right away. Here’s a link for the recipe.

Bunnies! Who doesn’t like a bunny rabbit? They have always been my favorite animal. They are adorable even when they are eating.

Julie Hamilton

For 2020 I am continuing my weeknight consumption of SodaStream club soda with a twist of lime over ice to stave off my wine cravings. I drink this whilst cooking and it is delicious.

Currently I’m re-reading Second Mountain by David Brooks and highlighting voraciously. I also love listening to the podcast ArmChair Expert by Dax Shepard on my way to work which is thought provoking and humorous.

This year I’m going to take more pictures with cute dogs, give more hugs and kisses to my teenagers in public, do more glute bridges and hip thrusts, and incorporate the word, “alas” into my everyday speaking. “Alas, my quads are on fire after my trainer made me do all of those lunges!”


Molly Gates

Dr. Broner’s Pure-Castile Liquid Soap – Peppermint: I love this versatile soap. The bright peppermint smell is both invigorating and soothing and makes me feel just a wee bit pampered. I also recently learned that mixing a few tablespoons of this liquid soap with water in a foam-pump dispenser makes for great hand soap.

Passion Planner: I will admit, as a Gen Xer I’m a little old fashioned and I like things to be hand written. But, there is something to be said for documenting goals, and this planner provides the structure to help identify and then track short and long-term goals. Each week there is space to create to-do lists for both personal-life & work, to identify your focus for the week, to jot down big ideas, and to identify weekly successes. I have really enjoyed identifying my goals and seeing the process unfold. It has helped me feel both successful and motivated.

Bevin Victoria

I’ve been really invested in creating a more mindful morning routine. I’m loving the practice of journaling to start my day using the prompts “3 things I’m grateful for”, “3 promises I will keep today” and “3 things I appreciate about myself”.

I have also been really enjoying changing two of my personal morning workouts every week to isometric programs that focus on holding challenging positions and focusing on breath work. It has made a huge difference for me in feeling less cold and fatigued this winter and I am excited to explore more in the arena of seasonal fitness programming practices.

Jeremy Hyatt

I start each day with a bottle of water, lemon and sea salt during my drive to work. It gets my day off on the right foot by addressing hydration needs after not having fluids the prior 6-8 hours and allows me to make a good decision first thing in the morning. I find the earlier I make a healthy decision, the easier it is to stick with healthy decisions. I once heard someone say “If I make green smoothie decisions in the morning, I make green smoothie decisions all day. If I make pancake decisions in the morning, I make pancake decisions all day.” https://opexfit.com/blog/morning-ritual-salt-water-and-lemon/

Libby App – links to my local public library and I can download audio books for free! Listening to books on my commute has increased my total books per year by 20-25, and I listen to them at a time I am more awake and alert, rather than laying in bed at night!


Lee Carson

We’ve used the library religiously with our kids for years, but this year I’ve started using it more for myself. I love finding the books I want to read and requesting them. It’s amazing how quickly even popular titles become available and how much more quickly I can read books now (our kids are older and I’m not so sleep deprived!), and how much I love helping to eliminate more “stuff” in our home.

30-minute power-packed and efficient workouts that combine cardio and weights are my favorite. I love starting my day with them. They are MY green smoothie.

Spark by John J. Ratey. I’m obsessed with this book. It’s information and message is so important and life-changing that I’ve purchased and given away more than 30 copies since December.

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